Friday, February 8, 2008

Started on routine + Eliza days

In short, i started Eliza's routine which goes like this...
730am - milk
9+am- nap
11am - milk
12pm - nap
2pm - milk
4pm - nap
5pm - milk
630pm - nap
730pm - milk
8pm - bedtime routine (wipe down etc)
9pm - sleep
1030pm - dream feed

so far so good...just that i'm bottle feeding her all the way which means i need to express milk every 3+ to 4 hours and that takes about 1/2hour. so unless i have someone to help watch Eliza, i'll have to choose when i express milk. gosh..i feel like i got no time lor. while leaving her on the playpen for max 1/2hr (before she makes her frustrated noise) is good break, after that i have to think of what to do. her sleep is getting less and more awake time means finding things for her to do...yawns..i want more 'me' time! so the most i have is now..after i send her off to sleep after her bedtime routine, express milk, which is like 9plus. then i have to prep her next feed then i just want to go to bed.
i'm trying to stretch her hours to 3 1/2 or even 4 hours..but she still can't do so (other than the morning one) and thus i can't really follow Gina Ford's feeding schedule to the letter.

Eliza's dropped her 2am feed somehow..thank God. but she's STILL waking around that time, so i'll be patting her to sleep, giving her the pacifier while i'm half asleep. and then wake up again at 4am to feed her...this feed no choice cos she really seems hungry..and no pacifier can keep her calm. so i'm still sleep deprived...i looking forward to the day she sleeps without me having to resettle her in the middle of the night. and another reward about the routine is that she has really become quite accurate with her 730am wake time...oooo. previously i had to wake her up.

i'm still refining her routine and adjusting it to my work days (i'm starting work in 2 days!) while i'm still sleep deprived...i still have my long list of things to do...mainly for Eliza
- buy books from Amazon (i haven't had time to even browse :S )
- make flashcards and order the blank flash cards online
- update my cell blog..which is a long one and i need a long time and i don't have long time intervals sigh...
- do up colourful animal decals for the wall at her cot (this will take ages i believe...)
and so on...

These are pics from my mum's bday...first time we brought her to my mum's place...after like so long. there's no place we could put her but on the she was asleep when we arrived.
errr..this dress is getting too small for her lo

Eliza: wah.....i want to see what's over there

Eliza: I want to sleep too...

Eliza: Yes, daddy?

Eliza: zzzzz
(she always nicely falls asleep while we're having meals so i can have a peaceful meal..good gal)

On other days....
i leave her on the bouncer so i can do my stuff...she lasts max 1/2hour on this bounce with her linglinglonglong

Eliza: I'm having fun!!

Eliza: I'm getting bored

CNY family photo!
argh..i'm still so fat...tummy fat...can't seem to get rid of it :S

after visiting her grandparents, grandaunts & granduncles and greatgrandparents...still so happy in her play pen.
(i discovered why she can stay there so long cos as she kicks her leg, the play pen rocks a bit and so...she enjoys it)

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