Friday, February 15, 2008

1st week of work

I worked 2 days this week.

It's not too much of a mad hustle in the morning actually after good planning, i do have a good few minutes to have breakfast and play with Eliza b4 i go off but i'll have to wake up goes like this..
5.45am - wake Ww up. i use my hp alarm instead cos for a few times his loud hp woke sleeping Eliza up and set her crying. after that i read that babies are usually light sleepers around 5-6am. and that's the time we should be waking up but not her time to. these few days my alarm also wakes her up...sighz.
6.00am - wake Ww up AGAIN (still snoozing...always)
6.20 - 6.30am - wake up, brush teeth, express milk
6.50am - make bfast, wash bottles, prep bottles for today's milk,
7.30am - wake Eliza up for milk if she hasn't woken up
7.50am - pack bag..what is left to bring, play with eliza a awhile.
8.00am - leave for work

i like working least it gives me time away. but i don't like expressing milk at work...cos there's no private room to do so, i'll have to express in the toilet, then it takes such a long time (abt 20-30min), then i have to wash, sterlilize. i find it so mafan, esp when i feel like i want to get on with my work.
but when i leave work, i can't wait to come home to see Eliza. such that i kinda stretch her bedtime to about 8.45 - 9.00pm instead, so i can play with her. (i realized even when i set her to zz at 8pm..she still eventually falls asleep at 9plus anyway) actually there's a lot else to do as well, express milk (again), have dinner, all by 9pm.

so when i had time at home with her on seemed like she's so happy to see me she didn't sleep much in the day. (she slept a lot on the 2 days i was working) still she wasn't sleepy enough to sleep thru the night. :7 she's been consistently waking up at 3-4am for milk these few days. occasionally at 2am to make noise, and always at 5-6am to make more noise. i wonder when i'll sleep enough. my mil suggested to turn her over on her tummy to sleep instead so that she doesn't keep using her hands to wave and sweep over her face (as if her face is itchy..but i really dunno), and so that i can keep the pacifier in. it always drops out when she's agitated and waving her hands much so i always have trouble finding where it flew to, esp in the dark. i realized i never carried her up to rock her back to sleep, unless it was to feed her. i'm just too lazy and sleepy. sometimes i feels like a dream..i can only remember vaguely what happened in the wee hours of the morning.

somehow or rather since last night she started drinking much lesser than her normal intake of 110-130ml. she would be drinking like 70-90ml instead! i was wondering why and it's so much like what some of the mummies in the forum was saying the babies are going thru too. my sil was also saying that it's just a phase they go thru, after that they'll pick up their milk intake again. maybe she's going on a diet....cos as the result of her wonderful weight gain and cuteness increment, her fatty neck has made it a lil difficult to clean, so it's been a lil reddish in b/w the folds of the skin.

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