Friday, February 22, 2008

looooong updates

ever since starting work, it seems like there's less and less time to do things, coupled with more attention on Eliza as she's more awake in the daytime now, i find that after doing all the necessary stuff (wash & sterilize bottles etc, EBM, doing some housework etc)..i have pockets of small time to do stuff like surfing, planning for cell, helping Ww with some work, checking out the nov mummies forum, reading...ok the list is endless. and my project to buy books from Amazon is still stuck...even Ww has finished selecting the books he wants to buy.

I'm thankful for 3 day work week. even tho i don't get much done at home during those 3 days and i miss Eliza's daytime, there's still the thursdays & friday to catch up on things. plus it's actually nice to be away from home working. just that sometimes i'm (as usual) so sleepy in the afternoons due to waking up at night.

my long weekends is good for:
- catching up on my afternoon naps,
- do changes to Eliza's routine; i'm trying to tweak her routine to first drop her early morning feed, and then the late afternoon feed. soon i'll have to prepare to wean her..gosh! it's like i've more or less settled on something and a there's a new change to adjust. which is why baby's first year is so exciting, actually.
- catching up on my time with Eliza - i'll show her flash cards in the morning, read to her in the afternoon, sometimes venture on an outing in the afternoon, of cos all the snuggles and hugs and kisses

meanwhile there are interesting things i discovered reading the nov mummies forum, that some things Eliza goes through are also what other mummies experience too. it's like we're in the same boat together.
- i discovered that the NUK pacifiers give babies that bracket face, like Eliza..essentially cos our babies are so chubby and the pacifier is shaped such that it leaves a mark on their face. i've stopped using it for a while until Ww suggested that it would be useful in the nights when we use the pacifier, to prevent it from dropping out so easily when she 'waves' her hands around
- that our babies will kick very hard and 'wave' their arms around quite strongly when they're sleeping at night, causing them to get out of their swaddle. for Eliza, it wakes her up and i have to try to swaddle her back again...only to find her 'released' few minutes later as she struggles out. still i swaddle her cos it's like a bedtime cue, and also it helps her sleep better. hair is dropping at an alarming rate! :S considering the wonders of having thick hair and hardly seeing much on the bathroom floor after bath for almost 9 those hair that didn't drop then is dropping now....such that i leave a trail behind me...or wherever i go. you'll know where i went in the house as i'll leave some strand here and there. sighz.

yesterday we went out for dinner with my '81 gang at TM, was supposed to be at Amoy street in a chinese restaurant but since it's last day of CNY all chinese restaurants were fully booked. we ended up back in the east cos SH couldn't join us as she wasn't feeling too well....oh but she cfmed that another bb is on the way!!! woah! congrats to her! anyway since it was nearby we decided it's ok to bring Eliza along even though it'll be past her bedtime. with Ww's help bringing Eliza out isn't too daunting. it's always gd to have an extra pair of hands..or shoulders (cos Ww was carrying Eliza with the carrier).
anyway J was commenting that having a baby is expensive...and yeah it is. from the gynae appointments to the hospital bills to all the other peripherals. it's not cheap, esp in our generation. there's so much to buy. we really thank God for many family & friends who showered Eliza with gifts, clothes and essentials. it also helped that Ww's nephews have been coming over on weekends such that there's all the baby toddle stuff like sterilizer, bathtub, towels, swaddle cloth, pacifier tag etc etc all around the house, save us lots.

On a 2nd baby:
it's easy to say how many babies we'll want but when you already have a baby, u'll think twice.. now Ww's contemplating only having another and it's enough. so much to spend, so much energy & time needed to parent well, if there's so many how can we parent them well etc etc etc i'm still not sure, i wanted 4 initially but we'll see how things goes. even having baby no.2 is gonna be a huge challenge and change as well. while we're planning another next year (Ww says have it on a holiday!), we're settling into life with Eliza first. On no.3 we'll think hard about it....this we aren't sure.

Eliza discovers her hand...

This is her bedside book...and this is her fav page...5 apples, 1 cat, 2 birds, 1 squirrel...she looks like she's concentrating hard

i had to bring out as many of her clothes as possible before she cannot wear them anymore..this one was given by Eric&Xx which makes her look like a boy..and it says on the tag 3-6mths old. i think in few weeks time she can't wear it liao

Eliza's learning to sit up!

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