Friday, March 7, 2008

Busy week

It has been a really busy week at work.
It has also been a busy night at home.

Work..rushing for datelines and helping with a presentation so i came back on friday to help. Amazingly i didn't feel sleepy...ok maybe also kept awake by Meji coffee!

Busy night at home cos since last week she has been waking up several times at night it was as often as every hour. i say wake up cos she didn't stay awake...she would kick and 'wave' her arms (cos she managed to get out of her swaddle) and make noises for i dunno what i'll have to give her the pacifier and swaddle her back. after a while i'm just too zombified to do much. neither was she hungry...tho the past few days i did feed her once or twice. it got better yesterday with her sleeping till 350am since her last feed. only problem she really wake up at 6am and happily smile at me a gd morning smile. oh dear..i juz want another 1/2hr sleep and she wants to play! funny lil gal. actually it happened yesterday, i saw her sleeping almost diagonally in her cot, worried she might hit her head i shifted her back to her proper position and she wakes up gurgling at me. dear dear.

anyway it's a challenging weekend cos Ww's not around and next week Ww's parents will be away at Genting. so i'm home alone...even though it's school holidays, Ww is on course till wed.
there are some stuff i'm gonna have to settle, some house things to be done (fix my dining room lights!) and watever i remember. Sunday is also another challenge, going to church on my own...with Eliza. no prams (too logistically inconvenient) so i'll bring the baby carrier instead.

i'm so sleepy now...but in 1/2hr gotta feed Eliza & express milk also so by the time i zz it'll be 12mn. yawns makes me sleepy thinging abt it. i like what Beatrice said in an interview that in an ideal world, there would be 30 hrs in the day, and that she wouldn't need to sleep. gosh if i don't need to sleep it would be nice...but then doesn't it mean that baby also don't need to sleep! so no rest!

more when i can update!
gotta plan what to do next week! fun!

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