Sunday, March 2, 2008

Photo updates

It's been a super busy weekend. (my weekends start from thursday..but it's busy nonetheless).
Actually we did a lot of things...cos we brought baby out. out for lunch & dinner on thurs, out to Expo on Friday, out to Parkway & then my mum's place on sunday. so much so we didn't bring her to church on sunday. ok it wasn't really that but cos Ww and I wanted to go out...go for a movie date cos it's my Bday!! also cos all the going out, i think, was overstimulating Eliza and she's been going off her routines, waking up lots of times and night and even wanting milk in the middle of the night (tho this started happening on tues).

i'm also confused as to when to put her bedtime bath..b4 milk or after milk? i'm still confused. :S we've done b4 and after...and i hope it's not confusing's hard doing 1/2 b4 milk cos she's edgy and my milk says after milk too late liao...cold.

anyway so much happened, but i'm tired's been hard waking up many times at night trying to get Eliza back to sleep cos she kicks her swaddle off, keeps swiping her face, and then needs the pacifier (usually..tho occasionally she falls back to sleep after i swaddle and pat her..but with the pacifier is faster). i dunno why she has to fuss so many times...confusion no.2 .'s what Eliza's been up to...

Reading! she loves this particular page of the baby in the mil likes it too cos it has greener colours which she feels it's better for her eyes. and there's interesting stuff to talk about, like the 5 apples on the tree, the xiao3 ji1 (little chicks), xiao3 mao1 (small cat).

Daddy bringing carrying her on the carrier. we took the risk of abandoning her bedtime routine and brought her out for dinner with our friends. we wrapped her cos it was night time and a cold day...i realized the long pants that i thot was too long is in the end too tight for her!! left marks on her fat tummy...poor gal.

i was trying to get her to finish her milk on thurs....and all she does was play with the teat with her tongue..and also yeap...push the bottle away

Eliza: Oo? You said something?
daddy says that this photo looked a lot like a photo of him when he was 1 yr old!

ok? a close resemblance? esp the spotted shirt...that was what triggered his memory. then he realized...what is he doing in a pink shirt?!!?! (i didn't know pink was hot then..hahaa)

Eliza reading again...ok it was more of me reading and she trying to grab the page to turn the book..I love Spot (the dog) books and Ww bought 2 while at Vivo last week after discovering that it's cheaper to buy these in SG than frm Amazon.

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merry-go-round said...

ahhhh really looks like weiwen!!! haha. looked like u photocopied the picture. she's really a smiley baby.. :)