Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliza's milestones...some

In no particular order cos i just can't remember but this is what Eliza's doing
1) lifts her head up - easily.
she amazing did that b4 she was 1 mth old tho not 45degree but there were attempts. she's got better and it's a breeze now..mayb sleeping on her tummy has helped
2) coos at us
there are sounds like aahh, eh, ooo, ah-goo, air air, oohh...still do and very very chatty. mummy me enjoys it tremendously, cos she'll smile at me and engage in a 'conversation' with me..and it's everyday..so that's really the fun part of it
3) burps on her own..or burps more easily now
no more anti-colic med to help her burp more easily. few tricks...put her lying down and then pick her up, she burps better aft that..or when she cries when put down, it could be a burp ready to come up. so far she has burped while on her tummy and while sitting on Bumbo.
4) uses her hands and fingers to explore her toys..and the pages of books
she's learning to grip things better, so her hands will open and close...sometimes tickling us (& esp her daddy) unknowingly.
5) sits up with support
yeapp...of course you see her on the Bumbo seat

ok..i give up..it's to tedious to keep track...plus everything seems just happen so it isn't so dramatic.

anyway off to Taka fair tomorrow..just to check it out...can't deny that the next best stuff to always shop around is baby stuff...now my fav place is Kiddy Palace at CS and Mothercare at TM. so durh. but i can't help it. every kid shop is fun. and clothes are fun to buy as well. it's mad..but i'm trying not to keep buying new clothes....refrain refrain refrain!!! my last purchase was this set of 7 rompers for $40+ (gd buy i think..considering it was mothercare and it's on sale). but it was so irresistible..2 sets were the same pattern, the other had the word gorgeous, chatterbox and i can't remember the last anyway.

I love mothercare products! one fine day i'm gonna buy the bedding set...one fine day...when her current bedsheets have holes in them or watever...otherwise she's always looking at the weird looking winnie the pooh. (i searched so hard for pretty cot sheets but it was so hard to find..ikea has pretty blankets but she's too young for those blankets).

so what will i buy tomorrow? hardly much anyway...Ww will think it's unnecessary.
- oh i'm thinking of a stroller toy to keep her distracted on the go...somehow..or at least when we're having our meals outside.
- Avent size 3 teat...i think she's drinking too slow with the size 2 liao and kiddy palace ran out of size 3
- another baby carrier? Ww says the combi one is strangling his waist...sigh bought that for $150..bleah..so ex. but with the vouchers our friends gave for Eliza's 1st mth.
- nice clothes?

oh the rainy days have allowed us to maximize the use of Eliza's long sleeve clothes...very useful now. but rainy days have caused us to change plans cos it isn't too condusive to go outdoors. wanted to bring her to east coast beach on wed but due to the rains we detoured to airport instead. still it was a nice day out.

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