Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday's day

Whell..not really..just that Ww's parents are off to Genting for a short holiday so i have taken 3 days off work to be home with Eliza. and..i realized i didn't really like being home too much. it's nice to bring Eliza out everyday actually..cos after all the reading, and playing i'm scratching my head on what to do. ok...i leave her to play on her playpen...yesterday i dozed off on the sofa with her staring & playing with the Bug cloth book. i'm trying tummy time as well...she's fine with it just that i don't do much of it.

here are some more exciting things that happened so far

ventured to church on my own. how? take cab there...and without the pram. why? cos Ww's at BB camp and wasn't home since friday night. Ww's parents left early in the morning at 5am+ for Genting. now...the challenge of going to church on my own is actually the morning prep, and then carrying her thruout the service. the last time Ww had to go Batam early in the morning and i chickened out and stayed home instead. so i made sure i preped all i can prep ahead of time the night before...esp my bag. planned to wake up earlier at 6am to express milk, prep her bathtub, eat bfast etc etc. thank God Eliza slept till 730am (maybe it was the 430am milk) and because i was ready by 7am, i took another 1/2hr nap till 730am. hoho.
everything went ok, tho i left the house a lil later than i had planned...i kept scuttering around the house for some last minute thing i forgot. anyway it was a good thing that Eliza was quite in a good mood so she got thru the worship which was loud (i felt) and after that fell asleep for her 9-945am nap (so accurate!) and woke up happy and squealing away (tho not too appropriate to be so noisy then). maybe it was cos i was carrying her all the way. tsktsk..good life babies have. didn't have much time to hang around cos HL offered a ride back (thank you so much!), cos it was raining. so i got home in time to heat up her milk and play with her.

we waited quite long for Ww to come home after his debrief and i was getting
1. hungry (he was supposed to buy lunch)..ok no..famished!
2. bored (what to do with Eliza? i've read, played, etc etc)'s her on the Bumbo seat! taken with my hp cos i lent my mil our camera's going out time! to Vivo! thot we could check out the Taka baby fair but Ww wasn't too keen on trying out Orchard roads (he was driving). so we had a very late lunch at 5pm and walked around, had coffee b4 i insisted that we had to go home (it was 8pm) cos the last time i expressed was at 130pm..i was feeling really uncomfortable and then it will be past Eliza's bedtime..i wonder how she'll take it.
now...i thought she'll con't sleeping when i put her in her cot when we reached home but nooo...she woke up and while i managed to coax her back to sleep so i can go express milk, she woke again..but refused to be coaxed to sleep by Ww and cried harder. oh dear..looks like only mummy can put her to bed. (no.2 is my mil). so while she's wide awake...i thot i'll put her beside me but but but while she was staring at the tv..and i was adjusting the toy beside her it accidentally dropped beside her and scared her to tears. poor gal..what a day!

so much for's a whole week ahead...i'm wondering what to do. tomorrow with Ww on course the whole day i'm cracking my head on what to do...maybe i'll make a trip to TM with her. on wed we're considering a trip down to Botanic gardens or East Coast park..hope the weather will be good!

Our outing to Vivo
we use her playmat toys at her pram to entertain her...esp when we're having our meals and she isn't sleeping.

we took a stroll outside at Vivo but she fell snugly asleep instead.

Tummy time!
i found a nice place for her to have tummy time...she's usually quite ok with it..juz that when i took this it's the wrong time so she wasn't too happy

Bumbo seat!!
I thought i'll rent this instead of buying it considering she'll outgrow it soon. It's not too ex. at those BPs and some sales going on ($56-$59, else it's $70+ - $100+). so i rented it for $10 with $7 delivery charges. it's for a month but we'll see how eventually if i would want to extend it.
currently it's useful for...
- reading books to her
- making her sit with us during bfast like today (tho not for too long...i knew it and amazingly ate faster than Ww)
- just letting her practice sitting (instead of lying down or us carrying her all around).

tried taking photos of her on Bumbo but she's always moving...this is Eliza..still for a while

finally managed to catch a smile! or more like a squeal

showing her the book to read...
Eliza: ahhh...armchair...

Eliza: hmmmm....that doesn't look too much like a dog...

Eliza: I like turning pages

Eliza: I dun wanna sit here any more!!!!

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