Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eliza is 4ths old

I've been so busy lately..with work and just taking care of Eliza, and (eh..also reading so much of the forum posts) that i haven't had time to blog. but i've been taking photos like nobody's business. i think Ww thinks i'm mad. everytime i'm home with Eliza, there goes my hp camera of the digital camera. i think Eliza's getting used to being a model. only thing about taking photos is that i hardly take much of myself, and since Ww isn't a shutter happy person like me (and he was in photography society in sec sch!! ), i resort to taking it on my own...shoot-and-error. more on those photos later :P

Many things happened.....and i have many things i want to do!!
so i have only time to put up photos...i'll just let the photos do the talking....

Self-taken photos....
this was taken quite a while ago..that was march school holidays i think when i'm home alone with Eliza...what else to do anyway? take photos with her lo...

This is my fav..cos she looks so "oooo"

and this is today!! sometimes taking photos is a way of finding out what Eliza's up to...

This is the march school holidays..and it was raining almost everyday! so it's one of the rare times you see Eliza in her long sleeve tops (i thought they were be..this is Eliza touching daddy's chin :P so sweet. she's wearing her mittens cos it's time to sleep...i have to mitten-ize her...otherwise she'll scratch herself at night..i really dun know why she is always suddenly 'itchy' during her nighttime sleep.

Eliza on was a toy i rented which i think i'm finding it quite a useful thing...i'm wondering if i should really buy one. i have already extended the rental to another month, after which i'm gonna rent some bigger toy for her. :)
you have seen her unhappy in see her looking busy in it...
this was during cell, she looks like she's listening intently to our conversations (and she still does nowadays)

else...she can play with her elephant...the one that makes lingling sounds

i've been trying hard to catch a happy laughing Eliza on Bumbo...not that she isn't happy on it, it's just that she's so active that most of my photos end up blurred. but this was a gd one :)

Crawling...we've started putting Eliza on her tummy on places other than her bed, and she has discovered the joy of crawling! or attempting to crawl...yup..lil soldier. now she's just kicking her legs and not knowing how to use her knees but she still successfully moves...(today she moved 360degrees at the same spot! just turn round and round and round. funny gal.
this was on lazy afternoon letting her try out her new found game, moving while on her tummy.

she's relatively happy on her tummy...and this is her *evil* eye...according to her dad.

new toy we opened cos it's abt time she can play with it. something she can crawl towards? heh...


muscle gal? don't mess with me!

ok...if you have realized and i realized, i've put her crawling at many places...with a toy to entice her

daddy talks with Eliza...and Eliza not being really's not cos she's not happy with daddy, she just doesn't want to be lying down..
Eliza complains...carry me up!!

The official 4mth old chucken drumstick. yeap...she puts anything in her although she has tasted her toys, my shirt, my arm, this is quite a new taste!! it's what the elders belief that it'll help baby not to be such a fussy eater. she sure isn't for now!

her fav finger stuffing she has found her thumb though. quite fun watching her enjoy sucking her fingers..but trying not to let her do it too often.

my swwwwwwweeeeeeeeettttttt lil Eliza.
*on a side note..she almost flipped today..frm her tummy to her back. but daddy assisted her too fast..i thought i could see if she could do it on her own.

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