Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Of sleep and milk

Really....sleep and milk is one of the common worried over, and fret over topics for mums. I had my bout of it...and it's still quite experimental. and as they say all babies are different, or unique. While Eliza has been sleeping w/o milk from her last feed at 1030pm till the next morning (her bedtime being 830pm..and i give her her dream feed at 1030pm), these few days has been a lil haywire. why?
1. 2 days ago, she drank only 30ml of her dream feed and refused to drink anymore. didn't wake up for milk in the middle of the night though. but she did the next day. i wonder why
2. on sunday i stretched her milk time at 4hr interval. cos we arrived home late after church & aft that Eliza and me took a long nap that stretched 1hr past her normal milk time. yes she woke up that morning at 430am..refusing to be settled to sleep until i gave her milk.
3. she's not hungry in the mornings and so drinks lesser then

Anyway i'm halfway reading the Sears baby sleep book, they're somewhat a lil opposite to GF methods and advocate attachment parenting. I think Babywise is somewhere in between. I agree with them on their discouragement of the cry it out method, even though i've tried it before and just feel i can't do it eventually. One thing i learnt, as i've also read in many other places
to enjoy yr child while yr child is at that stage. she's only going to be 4months old once.

and i sure want to enjoy her and am enjoying her so much so much. so even though she didn't need to go to sleep with me carrying her and patting her previously...and for some reason only she knows, needed me to carry her to sleep now, i enjoy it thoroughly. watching her fall asleep, safe, secure, comfortable in my arms.....whell at least until i put her down. (though she does eventually settle to sleep)

What i so enjoy about Eliza.
1. I came home today, called her name. She turned around and gave me a big beaming smile. melts me completely
2. Her so inquisitive look. esp when she's watching us talk.
3. her morning babbles. she wakes up in the morning in a good mood almost half of the time. if i haven't picked her up from her cot yet, and she's in a gd mood, she'll be babbling, ah-ing, oo-ing to herself. quite cute actually.
4. her most unique facial expressions
5. her most characteristic frown
6. her grabbing her milk bottle when she's so eager to drink milk. and then swiping her bottle away when she doesn't want to.
7. watching her splash in the bathtub (we help her a bit and show her how to splash actually..and she totally enjoys it)
8. smiling at me, coo-ing, listening, laughing when i play with her
9. hugging her. she's soooo huggable!!!
10. kissing her everywhere

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