Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weekend is here!

I'm's 12mn and i still don't wanna sleep. the night time is my only 'me' time to be on my own, and surfing the net without disruptions. Eliza has been sleeping since 830pm, (with her usual dreamfeed, at 11pm though).

On most nights Ww & I will talk about Eliza, occasionally taking a peek at her sleeping, and having all the warm happy feelings abt how cute she is. We declare she's the cutest person in the world. (whell at least till no.2 comes and then we'll have 2 cutest persons in the world).

Work has been busy but no matter what i'll try to reach home by 8pm (which gives me a lil 1/2hr OT in the office), so that i can have at least some 1/2hr with her, to carry her and then put her to sleep.

going to sleep time is nice. i'll usually put her on my bed, and then talk to her or sing to her, then give her a massage (gotta moisturize her ankles..dunno why it's dry). i drag the talking to her and singing to her, till i think it's time to sleep...really enjoy this time with her. after that i'll wear her mittens (otherwise she'll scratch herself in her sleep), pray with her, and switch off the room light, leaving the bathroom light on. i guess she knows it's time to sleep. sometimes she manages to sleep in her cot on her own (with the pacifier of course), sometimes she needs me to carry her and pat her to sleep. both ways, i enjoy this special time.

It's Eliza's 3rd jab tmr...hope she takes it well..and don't get fever.

mummy is thinking where to bring Eliza on saturday le...i can't seem to stay at home...and i love bringing her out. :)

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