Saturday, April 12, 2008

the mystery of the walking pacifier

I can't help it. the pacifier is the best way to get Eliza to sleep at night, at home. (outside it's quite easy in the car..yesterday she knocked out the moment i got in the cab, no need to rock, give pacifier or whatever). so at night when she wakes, i'll be finding her pacifier around her's quite a feat at times, especially when she gets more fidgety (swiping her hands over her head & kicking, but eyes still closed). naturally i would expect the pacifier near her head where it has dropped out..but noooo.

so where can i find it?
- at the corners of her cot
- at her sides near her bum (that's when she sleeps on her back)
- under her arm (when she sleeps on her tummy)
- on her chest (when she sleeps on her back)

so it's a hide (the pacifier) and me seeking. i don't turn on the lights, else it will wake her up. so i'll be like sweeping my hands all around her cot in search for that walking pacifier. sometimes i wonder how it gets so far away. did she spit it out and it bounced away?

a minor difficulty without lights is finding her mouth after i've found the particular when she sleeps on her tummy, also cos she'll sometimes turn her head her and there such that i can't catch her in time to aim the pacifier into her mouth.

another weird thing about the pacifier is that we seem to always put it upside down. her pacifier has this cute bear picture and some how when we give it to her, the picture is always upside down. Ww mentioned it and realized that's come ah?

i wonder when she'll start to sleep without it.

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