Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family outing

After a long long thought and discussion over a few days (of me asking Ww..where shall we go? where shall we go?), we eventually went to Changi beach on saturday late afternoon. I actually gave up the idea of going out also because i really got no idea where to go. For some strange reason, at the last minute, Ww suggested going out to parkway (i wasn't too agreeable on that because we were going there the next day), and then it's East Coast beach, and Ww's mum suggested changi beach (we guessed it was cos his parents used to to pak-tor there). so we to changi beach & then to Bark Cafe for dinner...

it was a nice lil family outing, with thanks from Ww's sis who let us use her car-let (cos it's a small car). we almost went condo viewing (for the fun of it) but then it was getting late...dun really like going out too late with Eliza..disrupts her bedtime. interestingly, she fell asleep on the way there and on the way the car. the magic of cars...really.

and if you realized...Eliza's not really her happy, curious self in the photos...she would have, if not for the aeroplane that just spoilt her day. you know how low some of the planes fly at changi beach, we saw one when we got off the car and had Eliza already seated in the pram. we were a lil wow-ed by the plane and wasn't in time to carry Eliza tight (even though Ww tried covering her ears). whell..the plane noise left her crying in mummy & daddy had to console her and carry her. so she wasn't quite in a good mood, as reflected in the photos. she wasn't really smiling much, just staring that curious stare still though, interested in the cars that drove by, the waves that came to the shore....

mummy & daddy found her expressions quite cute though.

i can literally trace out a :( on her face

a lil better...though after that she got interested in cars and was looking elsewhere.. still :(

look at the frown in her telling us, i'm not happy!

at Bark Cafe at Changi chapel...much happier, playing with her toy...and her legs qiao4 up high.

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