Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We are all sick

First it went with mummy sneezing on thursday morning. by afternoon it was over, next day it was a slight sore throat. now i'm almost perfectly fine.

then on saturday Eliza started having runny nose. but she was fine, and at her usual squealing happy self. sunday, it got a lil worse...with Ww starting to have the symptoms of sore throat (so i realized that the flu vaccine doesn't work on the common flu)..and it got worse so he went to see a doctor on monday. Eliza was still not that bad, no fever just runny nose. but it took a turn for worse on monday night, with her waking up twice crying.

it wasn't a normal cry, but more like a cry to be comforted. she so i tried giving her milk at 2am, and i thought it was it, she was hungry, but she still needed to be carried and hugged to sleep. at 4am she woke again with the same cry, this time feeling really hotter. measured her to be 38.1. eventually we brought her to the clinic near my place as bringing her to the PD will take half a day. (the whole process is really tedious...930am take number, 1030am PD comes, then you wait...) so that was it, i thought she'll get better, but it got worse in the afternoon and then she got better & was her usual perky self.

thusday. went back to work. wanted to go full day, but she was feverish in the morning again. so decided to work halfday instead and come home to finally take care of Eliza (my mil has been bearing her crankiness all this while) noon time my mil called & told me that she was refusing milk, only drinking half of her normal intake. so we decided we had to take her to the PD. thank God it was open in the afternoon...only it was still such a loooooooooong wait! there wasn't a lot of ppl anyway! ok, at least the meds seem to be more specific and a lot! poor gal.
so many meds to eat! one of them is antibiotics for her ear infection, one nose drop, one for fever, one for sinus, one to clear her blocked nose

she also had slight ear infection due to all the phlegm, and that affected her milk drinking. and when we weighed her, she lost abt 150g since last week.

taking meds for babies is quite difficult. which baby happily drink down all that meds without much struggle? (though she did make it quite easy to put the nose drop when she's in a good mood this morning) last night i had to put the nose drop for her but she struggled so much i just couldn't get it in. Ww can't help much cos he's sick and couldn't get too near to her. poor dad.

all in all, it really is difficult when bb is sick. plus she needed to be carried to sleep most of the time. it took me about almost 2 hrs to get her to soundly sleep before i could get to do my nighttime chores (wash bottles, sterilize bottles, express milk, and my own bedtime stuffs like brush teeth, take out contacts, put moisturizers etc). that was abt 1am le.

i was reading Dr.Sears baby sleep book where they encourage co-sleeping. i did do that with Eliza in her 1st month when she couldn't sleep well in the early morning, or when she needed to nurse. i'll bring her to our bed and we'll sleep thru after that till morning abt 8am. these few days, cos she's sick i brought her to our bed to sleep, also so i dun need to crawl up and down my bed when she rouses, and also so that i can easily coax her to sleep. amazingly i feel i had better sleep than when she sleeps in her cot, cos when she rouses too much i juz hug her and pat her back to sleep, easy as that. something i couldn't really do when she's in her cot, although i will hold her tight and fall asleep sitting at her cot. sometimes, it gives me a backache. :(
but these few days while she's sleeping on our bed, Ww had to sleep in the living room cos he's still sick. poor dad...ok and mummy & baby has to whole bed to ourselves. heehehe.
although co-sleeping is really easier on the mum, i think i'll still let her sleep in the cot when she's better. now i'm wondering how & and when to ease her into her room next time, esp when the next baby comes (no it's not coming yet...).

she's sick but you can't tell...when she's not having the fever, she's still just as playful as ever!

my mil's bday dinner and i wonder why Eliza's looking at us...most of the time she was looking at the cake

this is how Eilza scratches her head. really funny..next time i should video it, can't tell from a photo.

ah...now she knows how to play with her pacifier, take out put in take out put in take out put in and throw it somewhere

i found this photo i took from my hp...daddy being in sync with Eliza's upset emotions.

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