Saturday, April 19, 2008

Serious silliness...for all ages

One of Ww's student's parent bought these books for Eliza.

It was sooo cute that i kept reading (ok trying to read) them to her...and i'm contemplating buying more of them. why? cos...
- it's easy to read cos it's a board book.
- the illustrations are so hilarious
- i love the way the author makes the story rhyme
- and it's silly anyway

so i recommend mummies out there to check out this book, so far i've found them in Borders (none at Times)...and of course more at if one day i go to US i'll buy them ALL...(i think). check out her website here

anyway we have been really blessed by Ww's students' parents who shower Eliza with really sweet gifts. and going to one of his students, J's birthday party was really fun (happy birthday to J again!! :) ). plus this is 2nd time Eliza's been there (oh the first time was when i was still so pregnant with her, at Ww's class party). i really enjoyed talking to the mums there too, and the things they share about parenthood is really quite helpful and so imagine me 12 yrs from now...

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