Sunday, April 20, 2008

Diaper reviews

Ok after 4 months of trying out most diapers. I have concluded that Pampers is the best so far. It's Pampers BabyDry. Why this of all the other brands?
- It's not too expensive (neither it's, else i'll surely get it all the time)
- It's soft and comfy
- The tab is reusable and doesn't come off (read abt my experience with the NTUC brand one later)
- The back of the diaper is high

I can't understand how other brands like huggies & mamypoko is more expensive than Pampers
and there're ppl who say that Pampers is expensive. Ok...the other series of the Pampers ones are expensive...not the BabyDry series. Moreover, we have managed to buy them when it's on sale. It averages a $0.23 per piece compared to $0.30 per piece for other brands.

My experience with other diapers...

- SH passed me a pack of size S Drypers cos her baby can't use them anymore (too small), and i tried it but it was kinda a lil tight for Eliza, plus the back of the diapers is not as high so sometimes her poo leaks from behind. i also don't like the tab that's of sticker type, not the grip tape kind. Eliza also has her thunder thighs and the elastic of the diapers leaves red marks at her thighs. it's one of the cheapest brands though but after I discovered Pampers i never bat an eye at Drypers. maybe one day i will. btw, i used at least 3-4 packs of the NB ones.

Huggies & MamyPoko
- i can barely remember using them. used one pack of each. i think it's so-so. i think i remember my mil saying that it isn't really soft.

i tried the size S once cos it was on sale. then, it was quite ok, just that it's a lil rough too. i recently bought another pack to replenish stock but the tabs keep coming off, especially when i try wearing it on struggling Eliza (that's usually after bath, i dunno why she's so edgy then). for 3 nights it had come off and i had to use masking tape to stick it on as i didn't want to wake Eliza up just to change a perfectly fine diaper. today morning i woke up to find her in a half opened diaper. argh. so i thought i could just use it for day time. but but but the diaper failed me again. it's probably the 5th diaper that 'went wrong'. i was so frustrated i had to waste it and use the other brand instead. i'm contemplating sending the whole pack back to change.

heard that it's the same manufacturer as the NTUC brand tho it's slightly more expensive..i think by $0.05cents. other than it's rough and the sticker like tab, it's so far ok. not the best but ok. it leaked poo the first time Eliza used it & poo-ed but then again i'll give it a benefit of doubt, after all her Pampers diapers leaked quite a few times b4 too.

I've tried out the sample pack. so far it's really soft, and snug for Eliza. i actually like it a lot but i can only order it online. and it's not cheap..abt $0.336 per piece, not including delivery. it has the wetness indicator which really, i feel is not needed. maybe it's because i only change Eliza's diapers when she poops. otherwise i couldn't be bothered.

my all time favourite. it was good that there were discounts at NTUC & Shop&Save and now at Giant. so we've bought like 3 + 2 + 1 pack so far. my mil said why not buy more? i worry Eliza will outgrow the M size! it averages $0.23 per it's still ok. the "grip tape" is great and reusable, which is very needed when i need to adjust her diapers.

diaper status now:
NTUC brand - use if i dare to
PetPet - for day & night use
Pampers - for outings

average diaper usage per day:
4-5 pieces. actually it's equivalent to how many times Eliza poops a day. and also bathtime milktime schedules. most evenings we bathe Eliza b4 her milktime, and Eliza tends to poop after her milk sometimes that after bath diaper is wasted. sigh...

gosh it's another 1 1/2 to 2 years more before we can wean off diapers. poor environment. would love to go for nappies but then for the sake of our sanity, save water and save our hands from all the detergent (my fingers have been really dry lately due to all the detergent from washing the bottles & in particular the Tollijoy wet wipes, don't ask me why). anyway $20+ a month for diapers is still manageable, it seems like costs we barely notice.

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