Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Recovering baby over the weekend

Eliza's recovering. We all can tell.

She's drinking as much as she used to, previously when she was sick she would drink 80-110ml compared to her 130-150ml of milk now. She's also pooing more. For a few days she didn't poo in the morning which was quite odd as it's usually the time with the most poop.

Eliza's also extra playful and squeal-y happy these days but i think that's more of a developmental thing as she's starting to discover more of her world and the world outside as her vision improves. There's so much to see and discover for her. She's also teething slightly; and learning how to flip (most of the time it's a half-flip and we'd help her on, and when she turns over she'd be super excited).

She makes me happy, esp after rushing home from work, she would see me and beam. plus it's been a tiring two weeks of rushing for a deadline (that's tmr!), if i don't have a kid i would be home late everyday! i'm going back to work tmr and it's thursday...it was worse last week when Eliza was sick and i couldn't be at home to take care of her.

On mum's sleeping.
I was telling my colleague on my night episode with Eliza and she was saying that it's so tiring. hm...i think so too. I used to be elated with a 5hr or more stretch of undisturbed sleep. I still am, just that i've somewhat accepted that it's babies will more or less have night wakings and do not expect that she must sleep thru the night all the time. God just made mothers more wide awake, stronger, more sacrificial. I guess it's something that changes in us when we have our babies. God changed our hormones and the way our body works so that we can attend to our lil one. I would wonder how Ww can sleep thru Eliza's fussing and not realize it at all. Once she cried quite loudly (it was more than enough to wake me up anyway), and Ww didn't budge one bit. Is it some father's symptom...not being able to hear baby cry at night?
Anyway, I am not so sleep deprived either, i try to take at least 2 naps during my long weekends. and i could sleep earlier but i still stay up till 11pm or 12mn almost everyday, waking up at 630am on days when i work, and 7+am on days when i don't work. It's a luxury to sleep till 8am.

I'm looking forward to the coming 10+days i get to stay home with Eliza, juggle housework & some cooking, and outings with Eliza. :) (oh..it's cos my mil's going to Turkey)

Photos while Eliza was sick....or is she? doesn't look sick at all anyway, as long as she isn't having fever, she's quite fine & happy :)

I'm trying to get her to take her morning nap, but she has other plans....
her cot is her playground...

and if you realized....the cool pack is gone...she has swept it away..somewhere on the cot

Eliza trying to turn...or do a flip...still learning!

Me trying out which headbands will look good on her...to wear to J's party that night. which do you like?

On sunday, while Augustine was talking with us, we decided to take photos...i like this one best of the many we took.

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