Friday, April 25, 2008

Information overload

There're gazillions of websites for mums online that are so interesting that i keep bookmarking them since Eliza was born. now that set of bookmarks have ballooned till i have to scroll down to view it. and some i have yet to check it out the second time. really, where do you have time when almost 80% of your waking hours is taking care of baby...ok and housework and sleep. i feel i want to read them alllllll!! but i have no time, keeping track of the nov07mums forum is already quite a feat at times, esp since i have not read any since monday.

i was so busy at work last week i just have no time to go online much. it's also cos i leave work early (745am), home late (830pm) or later (11pm). I really don't like to go home late.
1. my mil has to work overtime which is quite tiring for her.
2. i miss out on time with Eliza
3. there's lots to do when i come home (express milk, wash bottles, feed Eliza her dream feed, get Eliza to sleep)
4. too rushed too rushed

so i'm gonna be a 12day SAHM. i wonder how i'll be able to 'survive' all that with housework & attempt to cook dinners, and have fun with Eliza (who seems to be sleeping less nowadays).

meanwhile, 2 new items came thru my mailbox already!

Beco Carrier
I just tried it today! Works like a dream...and i don't feel the weight of Eliza at all! (almost). The weight distribution is at the hips (just like my huge deuter bags i used for trekking last time). And it's easy to wear her in. Baby has to face in though but they say it's better for their backs. It's also a lil warm too esp where her tummy touches my fat tummy. and i tend to perspire there too. then again if you're in shopping centres it's still ok. ahh..finally a carrier that doesn't stress your shoulders. very happy with this purchase! more photos in future!

The other item that came in was BabyLegs!
I love the pattern of this Babylegs! suits her clothes so well. hoho..(ok all..almost all her clothes are pink) it's to keep her warm on cold days when we go out and she wears rompers. how to wear pants with rompers?? but it looks really pretty too.

you know i'm sooo tempted to have a family those pro photoshoots. i think Eliza's so photogenic (ok all mums think their child is anyway).

Updates on Eliza:
which is the beginning of extra supervision on Eliza when she's on her back on the sofa. she can do a flip is 5 seconds....tho with one of her hands stuck under her belly. should video her soon :P

babies laughter is so contagious. and these days she has been so vocal and cheerful. makes me so happy too.

ehh...yah because she wants to be carried and doesn't want to lie on her bed/playpen/sofa anymore. it's a very characteristic whine so we all know it. still how can you ignore her anyway? and most of the time she 'gets her way' and she laughs again

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