Monday, April 28, 2008

Photos accidently deleted


accidently deleted quite a bulk of photos that i wanted to transfer to my computer. so devastated. (ok a lil exaggerated but it was bad enough). they were nice photos!! :( i'm wondering how to recover them now..just that the card is some memory pro whatever memory card that no other devices i have can read from it. help!

went to Vivo today on our lil family outing. checked out books, tried out babylegs cos it was so cold in PageOne, window shopped, bought groceries.

so no cute photos today.

2nd half of the day was a trying day for us. because we were out till 430pm, Eliza had a total of less than 2 hours of sleep before her bedtime. she was sleepy early but we had dinner at home with my mum & sis. and she obviously wasn't too keen on entertaining them when she's tired and grouchy. she managed to hold it out, and occasionally crying when my mum tried to play or carry her. so i set to put her to bed earlier at 8pm. she was dozing off but by 845pm she fussed and fussed and fussed till 930pm. and i went to wash clothes. but she woke up crying loudly (unusually different cry i feel) for at least 6 times which sent me going in and out of the kitchen bathroom to pacify her. gosh by the time i managed to plop the clothes in the washing machine it was 1040pm. she was peaceful till 11pm which was when i fed her and even so it took her till 1130pm before she could soundly fall asleep. a really trying night for me.
i concluded to Ww that it is either
1) the overtired day and thus the lack of sleep
2) ear infection cos of her runny nose
gosh my poor Eliza i wish i know what she's really crying for instead of having to guess all the time. so that is why we should never ignore babies cry...cos it's their only way to communicate to us. ok even the 'fake' cry..which i know what it is like and it's a tearless cry

even so this wasn't as frustrating as me accidentally deleting the photos :S
sigh sigh sigh

it's gonna be a long and interesting week. really need God more. more strength, more wakefulness, more sleep, more patience, more time.

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