Monday, April 28, 2008

Narrating the world

I love to bring Eliza out as much as she loves to go out. we love to go out. it's like she's exploring her exciting new world and soaking in all the sights and sounds. unless i'm busy shopping...i'll narrate the world to her. occasionally pointing out things, the sky, the car that whizzed past etc etc etc. else it gets a little boring.

i'm also lagging on my so called learn to read materials with Eliza. mainly cos each day is so busy, and sometimes i forgot all about it. but i try to read as much as i can to her, at least a book a day (except when i'm working). yesterday while we were at PageOne browsing books, i popped over to the children's section to check out the Spot books. showed one book to her and she was all so excited (the past few weeks she wasn't too excited about books), i guess it was because she was bored of the toys at her pram. oh she was so cute trying to flip the pages and eat them and listening to me read it to her. ( were accidentally deleted). i love Spot books too :) maybe i'll buy that whole set of the Spot board flip-up books. :P

frm babycenter..
"the most stimulating and beneficial interactions your baby can have are the simple things you do together. Babies learn best from their parents. I like to tell my patients to "narrate the world" for their baby: Name the colors and objects your baby is seeing. Describe the clouds, the sky, birds, and trees. Count everyday items as they pass by. Dance with your baby in your arms — emphasizing the beat of the music will give your baby her first sense of rhythm. Give her a chance to explore her sense of touch by feeling new textures, and then describe what they are. Electronic accessories and other "educational toys" are never going to offer as much stimulation to your baby's developing mind as you can provide."

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