Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today with Eliza

Highlights of the day:

Sick but cheerful Eliza
Eliza's fever subsided but it came on and off. Fever meds helped keep it at bay and sleep, i think helped. It's not really high but she felt warmer than normal. I gave her her flu meds again cos her breathing is still so noisy with all the runny nose though, but i think it's making her uncomfortable. Still, she's as playful and smiley.

New toys!
Bumbo is returned after 2 mths and new toys came in! woohoo...Eliza was looking at it so curiously when we received it. but i wouldn't let her sit in it cos she was going to have her nap, and she has been fussing for abt half hour le. At least this allows me to put her in and do my other stuff and still not need to watch her toooo closely like for the Bumbo seat. plus it entertains her quite enough. if i weren't working, i might buy toys and rent it out too. gosh it's so much better than buying them! i was getting bored of the toys Eliza has...though i don't think she is bored of it.

I decided not to bring her to my office to show her off (hehe..and say hi too lah) cos it's so far away and she's somewhat sick. ok...but i still brought her out. whoops. I didn't want to run into having a cranky baby far away from home. yesterday, we scraped our evening outing to Borders and almost went to the PD cos of her feverish-ness + crankiness. just that when we got out of the house, she was happier and we decided to go have dinner at TM instead. but it wasn't too good initially cos she wailed in the lift and when we changed her diapers (cos she pooped), some kid was screaming and scared her so badly that she cried furiously. that was halfway thru the diaper change, gosh! i didn't even have time to put the cream & quickly wore her diapers on. anyway, thank God after that it was better. :)
chewing my toy away while daddy chooses books to buy at Times, he was so happy that business & mgmt books were 20% off...better than going Borders. but i can't be bothered, why not books for me???

oh monday we went out tooo....went to Raffles City SC Coffee Club for lunch with Y

Eliza's in tip top mood, and happy to play with Y. it was also her debut ride on the mrt, everything went well, just super curious with her surroundings. anyway lunch with Y was good, Eliza slept thru out dessert and we went to buy J.Co later. thot i could pop by my office but then my dad had something to pass to me frm his tokyo trip, so Eliza & I went to Naumi hotel to meet him. pretty place, checked out the beautiful rooms and infinity pool. small though but that's what you call a boutique hotel. went home in a cab with Eliza falling asleep the moment we got on the cab.

opps back to today. had to return my super over-due library books, buy lunch and food for dinner and bfast.(suddenly i thought...gosh i'll have to worry abt all 3 meals everyday if i stay home all the time!) anyway....
i bought liao4 to make yongtauhu ($3.30 for 15 pieces at NTUC, boil chicken stock with Ikan bilis, put all in + veg...tastes wonderful!!).
bought bread & tuna for bfast tmr.
paid my $10 library book fines & renewal fees.
borrowed a new book (Sears & sears "Fussy baby book")
it rained when i got in the bus home.
Eliza slept. (i realized she always sleeps on the way home)

*con't on May3, saturday...was so busy on thurs & fri that i didn't have time to use the comp much. so much for the title "highlights of the day" now i need to remember what i wanted to write...

Honestly, i never thought about co-sleeping much until recently when i borrowed this book

borrowed it at the library and it was once of the books i wanted to check out. I've read BabyWise & Gina Ford, now it's this..the other book i would like to check out is The Baby Whisperer. anyway back to the book...reading this book made me a much more open to co-sleeping. initially i though that i didn't really want baby in bed with us, because i knew i had to wean her from our bed eventually and stories of babies suffocated when sleeping in the bed with their parents. actually though in the early weeks i'd bring her to our bed to sleep cos i had to nurse her and we were so sleepy we kind of fell asleep together.

recently, because i've been really sleepy in the early mornings when she wakes up to fuss (i wonder where did my morning energy go now?), i would bring her to my bed so that i can hug her to sleep. mainly because she kicks, scratches her ear & head. unless i hold her hands down, pat her or rub her forehead, she will wake herself up with all that movement. sometimes it's 1/2 to 1 hr of fussing and me plopping in and out of bed that frustrates me. by then i myself have fully awakened. yawns!! so bringing her to my bed helps us sleep better. Eliza gets mummy hugs and warmth, mummy is nearby to attend to her and thus fall asleep in less than a min from the time i rouse. wonderful! actually i love it.

nowadays, most of the nights she'll be in her cot and early mornings (ie. 4-5am) i'll bring her to bed with us to sleep.

i realized that this started when she was sick and needed to be comforted and carried most of the time. bringing her to bed with me helps me have enough rest and thus be able to care for her better. gosh...if anyone realizes, co-sleeping must be something mums & babes have been doing since ancient past.

whell i better enjoy these moments before she outgrows all of it. :)

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