Saturday, May 3, 2008


the many toys Eliza has...and more to come!

balloon balloon in my hands...

mummy! get me outta here! why do you leave me here for so long?!

How to eat a purple bird...
First smile at it...

Then say hi to it...touch it a bit and make sure it doesn't bite...

smell it...hmm...not much scent at all

eat it up!

if the head can't be eaten...gnaw the wings, it's nice too!

[see...Eliza has a penchant for putting anything in her mouth. careful when you wave some paper or toy in front of her..she's swift and fast to not just grab it but got right at it with her mouth]

a toy i thought was useless a month ago since she didn't know how to use it then...she'd hold it and fling it's this..sure does look fun to gnaw

Eliza learning to sit...and enjoying sitting up. yeay!

there she goes after 10secs...

me carring her in Beco Carrier! now going out is so much easier and lighter!

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