Monday, May 5, 2008

What's left of this week

What else did we do this week.

May day.
Loooong day cos we had 3 places to go...
1.Went for a church wedding in the morning, this was taken b4 we went out but Eliza was fidgeting and her hat covered her face.
2. Went to Pegs place for afternoon get together with the gals & also to see her wedding photos.
3. Went to Parkway for dinner and Borders to buy a book (sale 30% off)
fun tho bz bz day :) I carried Eliza with the Beco carrier, Ww hasn't really done so also cos he was still sick.

On Sunday...Eliza fast asleep after her evening milk...unless we go out, she usually can't last past 8pm (she can when we go out because she always falls asleep in the car on the way home). also cos her last nap time usually ends at 2hrs frm there is 730pm...aft that she needs to knock out le..else she'll have a fretty evening sleep, (waking up frequently).

i juz gotta photograph her thunder thighs...she's gonna lose them someday i guess but it's cute for now. hee...

something we occasionally play with her and she enjoys it

i'm back to work tmr! sorta miss work, but i've also enjoyed myself tremendously being with Eliza these few days at home (and outings). i'm not sure if i can make it as a SAHM...i'm generally lazy with the housework. (i don't really like it..and if i do them, i feel i'm not as thorough as my mil). actually i'm fine with the clothes, i actually think i do more for the clothes liao...soak them 1/2 b4 throwing them into the wash. (my mil soaks them, washes them thru with water, scrubs some of the clothes, then put in the washing machine to wash). the part i don't like about washing clothes is that my dry fingers gets drier. since i-dunno-when, my left hand has been peeling & very dry (sometimes it 'cracks' like my feet) Neutrogena Hand Cream saves me...but i wash my hands so frequently i wonder how much it can help.

i really need to think about it...cos one day it may come, esp when no.2 comes along (mayb next year). Ww says it's not gd to tire his mum out with 2 babies, full of zest and needing much attention, and yet have no maid. we still don't want to get a maid. what shall i do then?

Brought Eliza to cut her hair today (was $6!) cos her hair has been growing all out of place. the hairdresser said she will have lots of hair (cos a lot of hair pores? i dunno what you call them anyway), and that when her hair is growing, it's a lil itchy and that's why she'll scratch her hair. i didn't know that! photos of her botak head when i upload them. :)

( i juz felt like saying it....even tho i tell her that every night...after saying goodnight, it'll be mummy loves you, daddy loves you, God loves you)

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