Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cuteness & Eliza's visit to her PD

I read from someone's blog that...
"cuteness was related to the proportions of the cranium to face ratio of the skull. Born with big craniums and undeveloped faces, babies are naturally cute as protective mechanism to make sure their parents fall so madly in love with their babies that they can’t help but take care of them. Unfortunately, as they grow bigger and less cute, they also develop annoying habits, throw very uncute tantrums and they will test the limits of your patience like no other. Those are the times when you will need to remember them the way they were when they were adorable just so you can get through the day."

Eliza's still very cute.
- even though today i napped twice during her short nap, so mummy wakes up still so sleepy from her nap but Eliza's raring to go, of that once she was peering out of her cot (as i put her on her tummy to zz), and smile happily at me when she saw me see her. i really dunno why i'm sooo sleepy today
- even though she doesn't want to be put down and left alone today, so i have to carry her or play with her sitting up at my lap. last resort is the activity station when i had to wash the bottles. i really don't want to leave her there all the time. but it's exercise & gymnastics for mummy. (gymnastics cos she can't seem to be carried still, always turning her body to peer at something behind her..thus i always gradually lose a good hold on her, and also cos i need to pick up stuff, take things here and there, with her in her twisty mode)
- even though she cried (she sounded really angry) when she managed to snatch the book we were reading to put it in her mouth, and i tried to pry it away from her. it's an old book...i really don't want her to lick it up.
- even though she wakes up at night to fuss and mummy needs to pat her to sleep, every night minus the 3 nights she managed to sleep right thru
- even though she drools and burp milk (used to do so tho) all over me

Eliza's vaccination today.
- i learnt to call the clinic to make appointment next time, so i don't need to wait forever. being no.9 is a 1hr wait. previously it was because i always called to change her vaccination date
- happy baby, the PD commented
- she lost weight :O now at 7.175kg. i guess it was also when she's sick...drank 1/2 her normal milk intake
- growth is slowing down.
height increased by 1cm only to 66cm.
head circumference increased by 1cm to 41.5cm
- her skin's getting thicker. i was distracting her and she didn't cry when the needle went in. it took like 5 seconds later for her to have a reaction to the jab. and it was 5 secs later when i carried her that she stopped and was fine again

In my sil's car...waiting for my mum & sis to go for lunch...and wanting to take Eliza with her new hat (it's not new liao...)

Outing at Vivo...mummy & daddy stops for their fav coffee at Coffee Bean before going home...Eliza looks tempted too.

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