Sunday, June 22, 2008


We enjoyed this week at home. Together with Eliza.

For the first two days being home i managed to cook, wash the clothes, vacuum the floor, mop the floor, visit a friend, take walks and outings with was really fun. sometimes i think it's better being busy than not busy, cos by friday, i've done most of the housework and was free to spend the whole day with Eliza. it turns out that i don't really know what to do in between naps and mealtimes. that afternoon i hung out in the bedroom for abt an hour, Eliza playing with her toys, me singing or reading to her occasionally, me reading magazine...and eventually we fell asleep together. actually it was nice. the not-so-nice part is her waking up crying. that day she seemed to be hungry early all the time and was always crying when she woke from her naps. still it was a nice day. (i didn't want to go out cos we were going to go airport for dinner and not going out saves me money too)

We had friends over on thursday for dinner and i managed to whip up a meal of sheperd's pie, pan-fried carrots, canned soup and yummy bacon-wrapped drumsticks. suddenly cooking seems manageable with her. although there was once she woke up from her sleep and cried while i was frying the minced beef...then i had to quickly decide if i should leave the stove on or off. eventually i turned the heat down, went to 'save' her and came back to fry it while carrying her. oh...the fate of the minced beef? overcooked.
this was better. i did it fast and quick..the rest of the work as done smelling the drumsticks cook in the oven...mouth-watering!

Some things i realized over this week...
- Eliza can sit on her own happily at the same position for a long time, that is unless she has something more interesting she wants to reach for. ie the remote control, books or just something new
- Sleep is something you can't control & predict in a baby...she'll sleep 1hr for her morning nap today, 30mins in the next day. i took a nap with her, hoping she'll sleep abt 1hr but i was woken up early 1/2hr later.
- When Eliza's not in a good mood, forget about putting her down anywhere. carry her until her mood changes...or at least until she has had her milk.
- Eliza sleeps much better when she's sleeping with us
- Eliza completes us
You know how in the movie Jerry Maguire, in the touching ending, Dorothy told Jerry that he completes her? Ww & I were having a quiet Saturday night, while Eliza slept peacefully, and we have the house to ourselves (which is really nice). and we reflected on how wonderful it is that Eliza is in our lives, that she completes us, that she's like the gum that sticks us closer together; not that we are not close, but that she added another dimension of joy into our life.
Only mums and dads will understand.

My mil says she's not like any other baby she has taken care of, cos Eliza is such a curious baby, itching to touch this touch that (gosh i wonder what it'll be like when she can walk!). And i feel she's a cheerful baby who makes us happy...and her cuteness amuses us at times.

This place is her playground..where i'll put her in the middle of the mattress with her toys to play with....keeps her entertained for quite some time.

The exersaucer i rented has the only purpose of keeping her 'standing' or seated while she plays with her own toys...after a while i'll find her toys on the floor around the perimeter of the exersaucer.

Eliza loves tags...she's finding her bolster tag really interesting to check out!

Yummy milk! check out her thumbs up!

Daddy playing with her...she's super elated!

this is the other 'toy station' but here i'll have to watch her...still it's nice seeing her enjoy being seated...quite a lot of poses she did here :P know what...Eliza has discovered how to undo her diapers! :S at least the rompers prevent her from trying to do so.


Jaclyn said...

The chicken looks so yummy!!! I've not fried anything for a VERY long time cos too lazy to mop the kitchen floor after cooking and husband on diet. You know Joshua Low from Crusade, right? Anyways, where do you live huh? I live in Bukit Batok...

Grace said...

the chicken isn't fried :D i'm also very lazy to fry stuff..and yes, it's cos of the cleaning! anyway, the chicken is baked in the oven, check the recipe out here

yeaps, i was from Crusade. that seemed like quite long ago..heh.

i live in Tampines...very far from you woh..:O else can meet up...:P