Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last week

It was such a busy week last week!

On Thursday:
Met Yan for lunch at Plaza Sing. Lunched from 1-3pm, during that time, i fed Eliza her lunch and Eliza took a long nap. why the hat? it's hot at Secret Recipe!

Also cos she was awake since morning and didn't even nap on the mrt! This was quite a record...5.5hrs since she woke up. gosh! After that i went to buy ribbons and cloth to (hopefully) sew some blanket-tag thingy for Eliza. Then popped to the supermarket to get stuff, met back with my mil (who was out with her friends at PS too) and took a cab home. Long day! I wanted to pop by my office but then we just didn't have enough time.

On Friday:
Eliza had her Hep B vaccination, which she did cry a loud but short one. (the needle looked quite long!) Nothing much else for the day except that she tried porridge for the first time and loved it! yays!!
although it took some cajoling initially...

On Saturday:
Eric was leaving for Sydney for studies and so we had cell at the airport...Eliza joined us and enjoyed her Healthy Times Vanilla Teething biscuit. It was a big mess anyway.

She also stayed up past her bedtime cos we only left the airport 8plus, but she was a chirpy happy gal while we had our dinner and enjoyed the company of many uncles and aunties.

On Sunday:
Went to meet my JC friends for dinner at Suntec. oops...no pics yet..reached home only at 10pm. We took the mrt home cos it was pouring and the taxi queue was so long!
Daddy trying to close her ears...so she won't wake up from the loud loud announcement in the mrt station.

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