Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To KL and back

I'll blog about KL first..even tho we had a lot of activities prior to the trip that kept me so busy.

The packing was quite a hassle actually, considering i'm still expressing milk for Eliza, so it's all the bottles, container, pump...and then packing for meals also require quite some planning as well. Clothes are quite easy. And our stuff? even easier. so we managed to pack 2 backpacks, and one bag to keep milk cold. my mil was more concerned than us about the packing, i only properly packed everything (almost) into the bags at like 11pm the day before.
honestly becoming a mum, and then traveling with baby, makes you more organized...somehow. I had to visualize the entire journey and what might happen to make sure i'm prepared and have the necessary stuff.

Anyway it was nice to be out of SG, for a lil while, just that the 6hr journey there and 6hr journey back wasn't too fun. especially when you can't walk up and down the aisle. even tho it's the luxury bus and there's more leg space...Eliza's not gonna care about that.

on hindsight, the journey there wasn't too bad...it was the journey back that was tougher. Eliza was very clingy to me, which i think was due to the new environment. and by the 2nd half of the first day, she doesn't even want daddy!
poor Eliza had a 'fright' moment the 1st day afternoon. the teachers were to have a bonding programme, and cos i was busy expressing milk and packing stuff, Ww brought Eliza to the ballroom first, only to come back few minutes later with Eliza wailing the hotel down. what happened was that when he entered the ballroom, everyone turned to look at her and said hello to her...that startled her so much she started crying.

oh..the pacifier was quite overused during the trip which was a sanity saver...esp when i'm not free to carry her..and when she fusses in the bus. got a new cloth book to keep her entertained but somehow everything else is more interesting than her toys!

We arrived!

Check out the mess all over Eliza...she's enjoying the teething biscuit i gave her..but not mummy...it was getting on her clothes, on the bed......

Bathtime is a really fun time! And we have a real bathtub to play in!!

The next day morning we took a quick trip to KLCC (cos Ww hasn't been there before), and took the mandatory KLCC photos...

Eliza was getting sleepy already cos it's her nap time...so while mummy & daddy happily smile away, she's thinking "can i go to sleep now?"

and yes she did...snooze away!

Anyway, we did a long shopping time at mid-valley shopping centre. i fell in love with the BabyGap swimsuit for Eliza but it was too small (3-6months). it was selling for half price but no use buying something she can't wear. eventually after browsing so many so many children stores, i bought a Guess sweater for Eliza for RM 69 (it was 30% off) as i needed one for times when she wears short sleeved clothes and in a cold place. i can't believe i'm so picky, or there isn't nice ones there. i was at Mothercare but still didn't buy anything!!
I'm looking for dresses for Eliza to wear for BK&Huey's church wedding...ah-ha..so fun!!!!

Feedback from this lil trip?
- Don't go for long road trips like this at this age. i really think she's at the age when she can't sit still for a long trip. i would think we'll survive better on the plane (cos i can at least pace around the aisle) and even on a cruise! a better time is when she's too young and sleepy to bother, or older and understand her lil world better
- It's more inconvenient when baby is still transiting into solids. Why? Feeding was quite a hassle. It was messy and it didn't always end up well. we only had 2 successful feeds out of the 4. one had to be on the bus which we tried but abandoned the attempt after Eliza didn't seem to be in the mood at all for it.
- this is the age separation anxiety kicks in. and baby will need mummy more in an unfamiliar place like this. honestly i like the feeling of being so wanted by her, i love to hug her, snuggle her, play with her, have her hug me all over as if she wants every lil part of me, have her move back while i carry her to take a look at me, or wriggle in sheer excitement of having being carried by me.

maybe we'll try again at the end of the year (i was thinking Phuket). Ww says no more trips cos it's so inconvenient and tiring. i'm thinking twice...but i think she'll enjoy it a lil more when she's abt 1yr old. anyone has got any takes on this?

Update more soon...i feel so busy with catching up on other things blogging isn't really one of the stuff to do first.

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