Wednesday, July 9, 2008

To do or not to do?

Let Baby watch TV

i think most parents know that it's not good for babies under 2 to watch tv. I also know that. However, there are so many dvds for babies in the market. there's Baby Einstein & Brainy Baby etc etc. I wanted to buy the Baby Einstein cos i heard about it, know mums to let their babies watch it and enjoyed it. I thought I can go get it cos it's selling cheap in the forum....well...until i read this article at
"These products had the strongest detrimental effect on babies 8 to 16 months old, the age at which language skills are starting to form. "The more videos they watched, the fewer words they knew," says Christakis. "These babies scored about 10% lower on language skills than infants who had not watched these videos.""

We discussed about it and Ww suggested that it's cos when babies and kids watch tv they don't get to interact with people and that's the problem. I think so too...tho sometimes i think tv does really give parents some relief from a toddle who can't play on his/her own.

I quote: "He and other experts worry that the proliferation of these products will continue to displace the one thing that babies need in the first months of life — face time with human beings. "Every interaction with your child is meaningful," says Christakis. "Time is precious in those early years, and the newborn is watching you, and learning from everything you do." So just talk to them; they're listening."

I do intentionally let Eliza watch the "Teach You Baby to Read" vcd but i try to be there with her to teach it with her. Then again..she's more interested in the music and songs part and won't last 5mins watching it. Although sometimes i really feel like i want to park her in front of the tv so i can get some things done. It hasn't happened too often, thank God.
Then again, the tv in my home is turned on as long as my fil isn't at home eating or sleeping. and evening times my in-laws will be watching tv. so i can't help but have eliza glance at the tv when it's on. (Ww & I aren't really TV ppl...the rooms we spend most of our time in, the study and bedroom, doesn't have tv at all) i'll not buy the Baby Einstein $70...and think harder on more creative things to play.

Co-sleep with Baby
My mil mentioned that we shouldn't let Eliza get used to sleeping in our bed with us, else next time it'll be hard to wean her off our bed. Sometimes i think so, but most of the times....
1. It's easier to sleep when she's in our bed.
I feel like i do get a full 7hr sleep, even though i think i wake up at night or early morning to adjust her and find her pacifier to get her back to sleep. I don't have to crawl up and down my bed when she rouses in the early morning, zombified. I'll plop at the corner of my bed and hope she doesn't rouse again.
2. Baby sleeps better with mummy
I think so too. When i put my arms around her or just hold her, it calms her better and she sleeps better as a result.
3. Ww enjoys it too
Even tho she'll always go towards his side, kick him, scratch him....

So how??
It's a happy problem actually. Not c0-sleeping makes things more difficult for me, essentially. Or should i just get her used to sleeping in her own bed (which she does in the early part of the night)...and worry about upgrading her into her own bedroom next time?

Eliza days...

This was taken quite a while itchy hands gal wants fries even tho she's chewing on her teether fish.

Yummy papaya!!

Falling asleep....she doesn't like to lie down so i have to wait for her to doze off before i can make her lie down to zzz

yeap there she goes...!

Eliza & Jieqi :D oh...Eliza's more interested in chewing her shoes...Jieqi's learning to sayang Eliza

and they go on doing their own stuff...Eliza..the shoes taste nice??

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