Monday, July 14, 2008


Daddy's playing with her...:P

1. Eliza cut her 1st tooth. Yays! (that was last monday) my mil discovered it when Eliza was 'chewing' her
2. Eliza started saying "mmm mmm mmm" one or two days back.
3. Eliza's crawling (err..or 'snake crawling' herself to where she wants)
4. Eliza's eating almost everything she has in her hands. But she's also starting to just explore things with her hands w/o having to immediately put it in her paper
5. Eliza's still face rubbing us when we carry her.
6. Eliza's pulling herself up from her playpen bed....time to 'downgrade' her. now i wonder how do i pat her to sleep?? (we put the cot away cos it was really too small for her, she was really growing or more like moving out of it)
7. Eliza has been occasionally sticking her tongue out since few weeks ago
8. ...and 'pffttt pfffttt...' at the same time, esp when my fil or her daddy attempts to offer to carry her
9. Eliza is still discovering her lil fingers. I love seeing her analyze her fingers, closing them and opening them, wriggling them and wondering how it cute!
10. Eliza is eating better. Thank God :)

chanced upon this photography the photos they take. these are the kind of photos that have feel to them, that is really unique to the child and the family. anyone wants to get a pkg for Eliza? heeheehee...maybe we'll do a photoshoot when she turns 1.

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