Sunday, June 15, 2008

I love my happy baby

Weaning is a challenge sometimes. I wonder whether i should give her more cereal or should i add more pureed carrots or the fruits or the fruit cereal. Once she isn't happy with what she eats, she'll push her spoon away, or close her mouth or start crying, and that's the end of mealtime.

So far the conclusion is...
- she loves her brown rice cereal (from Healthy Times)
- she also loves her Barley cereal (from Healthy Times too)
- she doesn't quite like her Apple & Pear cereal (from Organix) i think it tastes a lil's the apple
- neither does she quite fancy the pureed carrots, strawberry yoghurt,
- Sweet veg from Heinz Organic is still acceptable
- the teether from Heinz is a blast (see photo later)
- all fruits in large chunks for her to suck out the juice and chew on is fantastic

so i need to expand her taste buds and will try green veg next week. hope it works ok. a mum suggested using ikan bilis cos it has protein and taste good with porridge or cereal. ok i'll try!

Before happy lil girl

what is she reaching for?...(my fil playing with her)

sometimes she likes her food so much that she'll snatch the spoon from me to eat...and what a strong grip she has!

check out the teething biscuit...she loves it so much it's all over on her face...happily :)

Eliza has been trying to crawl...or pull herself over..videos when i have time...if i ever have.

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