Wednesday, June 11, 2008

After all's sick and done

Now Eliza's just having her runny nose...mummy fell sick on saturday with high fever. it went down when i took fever meds and climbed back up hours later...till by sunday night it was 38.9. went to see a doc on monday and the meds worked so well i was almost prefectly fine by afternoon. but i have sore throat now...almost losing my i'm trying to drink lotsa water, eat well, rest well and recover asap.

On everyday things like....sleep
At 6mths Eliza has started to change the way she sleeps. She's sleeping better nowadays, usually waking only once and it's in the early morning. once she was up at 530am...singing! i was so sleepy i half listened to her coo away and snoozed till 6am, when i decide to wake up. i tried creeping out of the room (usually to warm her milk or to prepare stuff to express milk) but she saw me and was excitedly trying to crawl to the corner of her cot to get as close to me, and wanted me to carry her.

On everyday things like...naps
Eliza's in the transition of dropping her late afternoon nap. If she naps in the afternoon till 3pm, she will stay up till after her dinner and sleep earlier than normal, say about 730pm, instead of 830-9pm. Her morning naps are also later, pushing it to 10am instead of her usual 9am.

On everyday things like...milk & soilds
Now that Eliza has started on solids for about 3 weeks, she has still not eaten much variety of foods yet. She has tried brown rice which is her all-time favourite. I've added fruit puree / carrot purree / Heinz sweet veg puree to her brown rice and so far she's been ok. It usually takes her one or two tries for her to get used to the taste. I gotta let her try new foods!
With introduction of solids, i have also made changes to her milk schedule. cutting down from a 6 milk feeds a day to 5 milk feeds a day. but i'm still adjusting her timing, esp since my mil feeds her at a different time as i do. still gotta sort this out.

On everyday things
We somewhat play all day long, rolling around the bed, singing songs to her, trying to make her laugh, tickle her, hug her, try to read to her (with her always trying to grab the book to eat), carry her around to see new things...the list goes on. sometimes i dunno what to do and will leave her to her own devices in her playpen or the excersaucer.

On everyday things like...physical development / motor skills
I knew this day will one point i wondered when Eliza will start rolling over, then in a day or two she did it quite well. and sometime back, she discovered the wonders of rolling over and back, which adds to more vigilance on our part. no more leaving her on the bed. Also, changing diapers on the bed after bathtime is tiring! she'll roll back and forth in a blink of an eye...refusing to stay on her back for few seconds..which usually leaves us in quite a struggle. when she sleeps, she'll also turn back and forth till she finds a comfortable position. we crazy-over-Eliza parents love watching her different sleep positions...
Eliza has learnt also to stay seated up, unsupported, which i didn't quite realize for quite a while. usually she'll sway to the left and right, front and back. but i think practice in her pram helps too...cos she'll hardly ever want to lie down! even when we push it up the escalator (and the pram has to be tilted back), she will insist on wanting to sit up (imagine doing sit ups on those inclined platform). Gosh i worry for her...will it be bad for her back?

This is her while we were at SKS....and that was in mid-may.

I didn't know she was so interested in Veggie Tales...kept her 'glued' for at least 5mins.

This was at Raffles City. They lend you these strollers to walk around the shopping centre..which was quite useful. the harness is really important..cos even though it's for kids who can sit...and so, lean back in the stroller, Eliza refuse to lean back...she would rather lean forward. i think there's more things to check out while you lean forward. cute curious gal :P

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