Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eliza falls sick

After all the weekend of fun and play with her cousins, mummy spotted her having runny nose on tuesday evening. i wasn't a good sign even though she's bouncy and chirpy as ever. come wednesday, daddy called to say that Eliza was coughing and had yellowish phelgm. it wasn't that bad and we gave her fever med when i came home after work, knowing from experience that after 1-2 days she'll get feverish. she was getting more cranky that evening and that forebodes a tough night ahead.

surely it was a tough night. when baby's nose get runny or stuck, it's hard to breathe well. worse when baby is lying down. so Eliza wanted and needed to be carried with her head on my shoulder to fall sleep. and cos i was tired, i'll fall asleep with her in that position. if i woke up, i'll try to put her beside me so i can lie down to zzz. sometimes i succeed, sometimes she wakes up and i'll have to carry her all over again and pat her to sleep. we did this over and over again thru the whole night, with poor Eliza sniffing and rubbing her face on my shirt, crying when she's not comfortable. gosh i was so zonked out by the next morning. had to nap twice to be awake again. Thank God for Ww & his parents who played with her while i snoozed.

we brought her to the PD in the afternoon. (cos if i brought her in the morning, i would have waited like the afternoon it probably only takes 1.5hrs..still it's that bad. why are they so slowwww?!!?). i've learnt from past experience (actually only 1 experience when Eliza was sick) that it's best to go to the PD instead of a normal family doctor...cos they have different (and i think better meds suited for baby). the nose drop is great to clear her blocked nose...great meds! i'm happy.
this is us at the PD's clinic...daddy's 2nd time with us there. we waited so long we had time to rent DVDs, collect some stuff, change Eliza's diapers cos we thought she pooped which she didn't, and feed her milk (which wasn't enough for her).

Eliza got much better that evening :) she's still recovering and really thank God she's much much better. was supposed to visit YJ&A+Amos but cos Eliza's sick, it's definately no-no. any mum knows how terrible it gets when bb is sick, so we really don't want another to suffer. i think the younger the baby is, the more difficult.

We were wondering how she got sick since mummy & daddy isn't. and suspect it could be the many hugs and kisses her cousins shower on her that caused it. the two younger ones are always sick..somehow, not serious enough but sometimes they'll cough all thru the night and give my mil no sleep. so sigh...really must watch them really closely next time, lest they try to sneak a kiss on her. even i don't kiss her on the lips!! (ok they try...but we always shoo them away)

since she was much better yesterday (she was sick frm wed), we brought her along when we went to visit WY&S new place at Punggol. it was late but she was too curious to stay asleep, happily playing with Auntie Shari. (i love their wiiiideeeee & comfy)

...and daddy...

and herself...(actually it's daddy behind her tickling her)

ohoh, we discovered the Beco carrier is better sleep inducer than us (cos she wiggles around too much to carry her steadily) and the pram (cos she'll wail in it). so we have started bringing her to church in the Beco instead. after all, isn't it nice to fall asleep in daddy's or mummy's arms..or close to their heart?

this was taken during two of different weeks we went to church...same baby, same sleeping style. :P

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