Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm still backposting

This is about what happened last week and it's like going to be the end of this week. Anyway while the boys were here, somehow i felt like it was such a busy weekend. it was surely fun going out and all that, seeing that they're having good exposure of fun & learning (as compared to watching tv). still it was kinda exhausting. Eliza was enjoying their company anyway, being kissed and hugged all over by her cousins. One thing we had to bear with is the noise level, it's high all day, so we always had to remind them to keep their volume down, esp when Eliza's asleep and after 830pm.

Eliza turned 6mths old!! and she decided to start it with a bang...holding her own bottle. what's better than to have some control over yr own food.

we love this toy that my colleagues gave Eliza, (the boys have almost memorized all the songs) and Eliza's fav part of the toy?...the tag. if she could talk she might tell us that it's nice to eat

Playing with ah-gong...super happy :D

That evening we went to West Coast park to let the boys run about and try the fun playground they enjoyed it. It was somewhat scary to them at first but once they got over the fear, it was much better.

Family photo :)

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