Friday, May 30, 2008

Surviving 2 days of 3 kids and 1 baby

*i started writing this blog on saturday...couldn't finish it till tdy thurs

It's fun actually but tiring. At least not so bad with 2 grandparents, Ww & me, and a maid.

There's their usual morning stuff...go pee, brush teeth, drink milk, light bfast and bath.
Then their usual evening dinner, bathe, drink milk, brush teeth.
Eliza's routine is almost there...minus the 'go pee' (because she has diapers) and 'brush teeth' (because she doesn't have teeth yet) part.

We did a few outings in the span of two days. (it's great that Ww's dad has a mini school bus that can ferry such a party of people) Despite the weather forecast that it would rain and that it looks really cloudy (those kind of dark clouds cloudy). We still made it. Yays!
1. Botanic Garden's Jacob Ballas Garden
2. Bedok reservoir (cos Ww wanted to go for a jog)
3. Pasir Ris Park playground

1. Botanic Garden Jacob Ballas Garden
The clouds threatened to rain..but when we got there it was so sunny! We planned to go out at 9am and we made it! It was super sunny and while the boys ran about with their jiujiu (Ww la..) and me trying to take photos (yeap...i'm always with the camera), Eliza's stuck in her pram watching the scenery. nevertheless, she's happy.

ahhh....a nice nap after all strolling around

After that we took a trip down to Forum, bought some organic food, drool at children's toys, books, clothes.
Then we headed to ICA to pick up Eliza & my passport! we can over overseas!

2. Bedok reservoir
This wasn't too difficult, cos Eliza's home with my mil while 5 of us tumbled down to Bedrok reservoir. So we explored the place while Ww went for his usual run around it. The boys sure had a good run. We explored the playground, tried out slides and swings.'s fun to be a kid.

Eliza tried the Heinz teething yummmyyy!

3. Pasir Ris Park playground
We wanted to bring the boys out earlier but one was sick and sleepy, and it looked like it was going to pour. Eventually we still did at 630pm...
everyone played the swing...i didn't want Eliza to miss out on it either so we sat on it together. :) (actually they have the baby swing..but i was too lazy to take her out of Beco)

We also rented a new activity station for Eliza and returned the old one..she was really busy with it the moment we put her in...but one week later...she's more interested in chewing on the stuff we hook around the toys. Ww said we should rent back the previous one....

I'll con't on the West Coast Park outing another day...phews.!

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