Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good night war zone

Today is the first day of the week that the boys (aka Eliza's cousins) come to stay over cos their parents have gone to Taiwan for a holiday. it was difficult on the 1st day with the older one calling his mum many times and crying, "Why didn't you bring me?"

So....3 active, talkative, fighting boys + 1 baby with 2 grandparents & a maid is a war zone (for the adults at least). While i work peacefully in my office, i wonder what is going on at home. Ww has camp so he's away till wed. I work from monday to wednesday and am only home at 8pm. so there's 2 more days before Ww & me can be home all day to manage all the activity.

It isn't really the 101 household things that needs to be done. It's managing the boys. They're cute surely, but it does get challenging with 3 boys clamoring for your attention or when they fight over their toys. At least they're obedient to a certain extent...but sometimes i find myself having to repeat the same instruction over a over again, and when it really gets out of hand a stern voice. (Ww's strict warning is the ultimate though..it just sends the youngest one crying with just the Stare)

It's gonna be a long week...but we're all looking forward to our outing on Thursday to the Jacob Ballas garden. Hope it'll be fun for the boys, to let them release some energy running out in the open after being stuck in the house for 3 days.

As i write this, Eliza sleeps soundly beside me. We have shifted her small cot out and brought in the playpen into our room instead. The play pen is much bigger and gives her space to kick without hitting the sides of her bed...at least when she's not too close the the bed sides. She's quite fidgety before she falls into deep sleep. Her right leg will be kicking and kicking, her hands will be scratching her head or her face or her eyes, then she'll get so frustrated she'd cry. After many 'dances' she'll fall into a good sleep.

So good night!

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