Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back to a new week

It feels like next week is coming soon even though it's only saturday. hmm....

Forget about the potpourri, if i go on writing like this i don't have time for other things. hoho.

Anyway Eliza is turning 6months this coming wednesday!! i think i'll buy a cake for her :P

Characteristic 6-Month Milestones:
Sits with assistance or may sit alone
[she loves to sit, it's the next better position to being carried...i tried sitting her alone but she'll sway to the side or backwards]
Reaches for and grasps toys with one hand
['s not just toys..anything!! very focused!]
Can eat solid food from a spoon
[still learning still learning but she's eating her cereals...and despite the mess..i will realize that she has finished her cereal]
Former cooing now sounds like clear voicing of several syllables
[sounds of all sorts, some interesting new ones too...ooos, ahhs & sighs too]
Talks to toys
[gosh i dunno if she does! but she'll 'sing' or 'talk' to herself in the mornings if she wakes up early..she has been doing this since she was 4mths+..sounds really cute and we love to just listen to her in conversation with herself]
May try to imitate adult behaviors (if an adult coos the baby may coo back)
[i don't really think she imitates's more like respond with anything from pearls of laughter to a cute Eliza frown]
Turns his head toward sounds or to an adult when they are talking to him
[yes she does...although sometimes she's so engrossed looking at something, it takes us quite a while to get her attention, else she seems to be attentively listening when we talk]
Enjoys being sociable -- laughs
[awww....she's so adorable when she does that]
Feels happy, sad or uncomfortable
[yeap...i thought that's normal?]
Reaches out to be picked up
[so true so true...she'd lift her hands up, whether she's on her exersaucer or her bed or when she's carried by someone else]

On night wakings
I was starting to get curious about this as i read many books, heard many people who write or say about babies sleeping through the night. Eliza doesn't. she did so 3 times. i'm still waiting for that elusive 4th time. i've asked a mum and she said her daughter didn't till she was 2. then i read abt ppl whose baby sleeps thru since 4th month. while Eliza doesn't drink milk at night after her 11pm milk (sometimes she's so sleepy she just refuses it when i wake her to drink), she would still wake up...anytime odd timing. sometimes it's 130am, or 330am or 530am. sometimes i'm wondering if i should just feed her so she'd go to zz immediately. but the thought of putting down a crying baby, warming up the milk etc etc is daunting in the middle of the night. so i've googled some interesting stuff...this Berkeley article are always quite interesting..and another one.

Days of Eliza
I always tell Ww that we don't take enough bath photos of her, especially since she loves it so much. cos i'm the one bathing her all the time i have no hands to whip out a camera to snap away. so i made him take photos...hehehe..

We tried pureed carrots on thursday. not too cereal still better. we'll try again another time!

At another time i let her try pureed apple...but i think it's sour so she wasn't too excited about it. But she wants the apple i'm eating!

Philosopher Eliza! i will tell you what i like to milk!!

I find the high chair very useful to read books to her...but i wonder if she has mistaken it as food as well.....

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