Thursday, May 22, 2008

Potpurri of thoughts - Part 2

It was a loong weekend. probably the last weekend we can use Ww's sis car...boohoo...

So some family time...
We went to airport (w/o car). Ww lugged the pram but once we got to the airport it was a breeze. Babylegs are great for cold places like the airport.
Eliza and her potpurri of toys to chew on. doggie is her fav...she always attacks it's 3 strands of 'hair'. now i'll need to wash it more regularly.

We had coffee at coffee bean T3; and spaghetti too, cos Ww was hungry. Eliza decides to check out the marble table

On saturday afternoon, after Ww came back from school, we took a quick trip to Botanic Gardens. we wanted to check out Jacob Ballas garden but we missed the turn and ended up at the Tanglin side. Still it was great to walk in the gardens, soak in the late afternoon sun, breathe in the fresh air & check out interesting plants.

(check out where Eliza's right hand is...she discovered the Puku rubber label while we were strolling at Botanic gardens..and now she continues to scratch it and attempt to pull it out when she's on her pram)

Weekends are times when Ww's 3 nephews come over and it's really fun. (They're really adorable) Her two cousins here loves her to bits, always wanting to kiss her and smell her. This is them with there 'eeee' smile. Eliza also likes being with them, just watching them entertains her.

Ww says it's crazy mummy taking photos in the car using her hp camrea...Eliza always looks chubbier in this angle.

Can't remember when was this. I was trying to get her to sleep but she was too happy squealing about in her cot, so i let her be till she gets tired. meanwhile i surf the net and watch it's her peeping out of her cot and watching me.

On Vesak day i went to meet up with Nov07 mummies! was really great seeing everyone & their babies in person. And guess of the mummies is YJ&A's friend, i didn't know till we met at Amos' 1st mth celebration on Sunday, what a small world!
Eliza was so fast asleep then i let her cos she barely slept 1hr since we went out at 9am in the morning.

I went to the library today and made a library card for Eliza! didn't know it was free. yay! can borrow more books...for her la. i take so long to read that i always have to renew my books or they go overdue. and i realized that i need to read over and over again before i can remember what i read, else i only get the jeez of it. i'm trying to write down quotes that i found useful or inspirational. sometimes i wish i have a better memory, (like Ww...he can remember all those history dates, people's names, stories very well)

I should go to sleep. It's 12.24am. Actually i like this time of the night, even during school days (best time to study!). but i need to sleep before Eliza wakes. i'm trying to see if she sleeps better on her tummy at night...i've always been putting her to sleep on her back at night, and on her tummy during the day. i know she sleeps much better on her tummy, lesser scratching & startling but gotta practice sleeping on her back!

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blackandwhite said...

ur baby is really cute! :)

my baby girl is born on the 1st too, but is in Nov.
so exactly one month older than ur daughter.