Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stuff i read online

I have endless things to read online & wonder i don't have time. :S

Some stuff that are interesting today.
1. Reading to your does literacy start?
I've been trying to read to Eliza since she's like a few weeks old. Somehow i have found it easier then compared to now when she's always trying to eat up the book so i've limited my reading to her board books...tho i hope she doesn't get bored. then again, i should start extending the range of books she reads soon. library expo sale...hmm..should i go?

2. Can you build a better baby?
-I'm trying to teach Eliza sign language...
-i play classical music sometimes but just can't bother cos we hop in and out of the rooms so turning it on and not listening to it just wastes electricity...
-Eliza's still on BM (saves $$ too),
-we're considering letting her hang out on the walker, another place to let her enjoy
- what DHA formula? info overload and too many FM in the i dunno what to choose. i just tried out the sample i had at home...which i think i'll con't to get for Eliza when she gets older.
- we don't need to send her to daycare since i have help at home, it's more of a $ thing.
- yes i'm afraid Eliza will watch too much tv...cos she hangs out in the living room with us when we watch tv so she does watch some.

At SKS watching Veggie Tales sing while i get some peace browsing the books...

Eliza's teething!! two bottom teeth coming out...and now she's having fever. poor gal...was quite cranky today and wanted me to carry her most of the time. Also, she kept 'mmm...mmm..mmm'-ing. she wouldn't open her mouth so i can take a pic of it, as if she doesn't want us to see them. aww...
still curious usual self. :)

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