Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eliza is sick again :S

This time with throat infection. We really don't know where she got it from cos everyone at home is healthy. I wondered if it could be because she went to market with my mil on tues. and it can't be on thursday when we went out with Angelia & Amos (gosh i hope lil Amos didn't get it), cos she started having fever when she came home. today my mil was talking and she was saying Eliza was really cranky on tuesday already, even though she wasn't having fever, crying to get out of her exersaucer which she felt wasn't her normal self. So i can only trace back to her getting the virus on 1. Sunday in church when someone sick played or carried her or 2. in the afternoon when my '81 friends came over.

it's a torture having lil baby sick. this time is worse cos it felt like it lasted 3 days and still going strong...i've started calling Eliza Little Miss Grouchy. she'll wake up crying, and when won't stop till i carry her, when i pause to sit her on the table or sofa, she'll wail again. when my fil wanted to cut her nails, Eliza was quite unwilling to despite all the teasing and ended up crying (oh the loud crying with tears kind).

I guess it's also tough on her. I brought her to the PD on friday afternoon after a persistant fever that hovered around 38+degrees. we thought that she was teething but i read that it's usually a mild fever, if there's fever, and it can't be that high either. The PD was worried that it could be the UTI cos she has no signs of runny nose, no diarrhoea, no ear infection...and finally checked and confirmed that it was throat infection. my poor darling...she has cut her milk intake by more than half and refused to eat her solids (except today's one). and everytime she drank her milk, she'll stop and cry, or stop and choke and then cry. yesterday she was burping (or vomitting) quite a significant amount of milk and water out. today it has been better and there was no more vomitting. However, she has been pooping very frequently, as much as 3 times today and it's getting more and more watery.

Last night she did her vomit & poop which got us so worried that we almost brought her to the doctor. (we got out of the house, into the lift, and after Ww & I wondered what the doctor will do, since we just went to the doctor the day before, we decided to wait and see, and so we got back up the lift and went home). My mil was so worried, she scolded us for not bringing her to the doctor, saying that if anything happens to Eliza, we'll be responsible. But after consulting Dr.RJ, we felt a lil more assured. The diarrhoea could be due to the antibiotics Eliza was on, and as long as she was not lethargic or listless, it's still ok. Fortuntately Eliza wasn't so lethargic like the day before, and i think the expulsion of stuff made her feel better so for an hour she was happily squealing and playing. I told myself if she doesn't get better, then i'll bring her back to the PD on monday.

So latest updates is that Eliza's fever has gone down after going 'roller coastering' (as high as 39.3 degrees) since thursday night. i sometimes see a 37.3 and highest so far is 38.0. still she's just like how Little Miss Grouchy will be. Thank God her cousins are here, at least she isn't so bored being cooped up at home. I've been wanting to go out to check out the Library Sale, take a walk with her but both of us have been stuck at home. Praying that Eliza gets well soon, and that bad throat of hers will recover, i guess it must been quite painful for her to eat & drink milk. It's been so nice seeing her get chubby until now, she's on her way to losing weight again.

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