Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Roseola

Eliza was still pooping watery stools and last night at 130am after her milk, she vomitted all over herself and me. This morning i saw red rashes all over her body, esp her face and neck. After some discussion with my mil, i suspected it's fake measles (after hearing my friend mention it before). Checked it out on the internet about it and found it to be Roseola. I was deciding whether to go work half day then bring Eliza to the PD or just bring her there in the morning. In the end i thought of saving the trouble of travelling oh so far and back, i decided to bring her in the morning and then take a childcare MC.

No medication for Roseola, but the PD gave Lactose-free milk and anti-colic meds to minimize her diarrhoea & vomitting (i guess it's cos she wants to burp but in the end cos her stomach doesn't feel good, she burps out her milk as well). Meanwhile we just wait for it to go away.

The good thing about it is that it's an almost lifetime immunity so she shouldn't be getting it again. It's like chicken pox, get it once and you're almost immune to it. I also can't be bothered about figuring out how she got it already because it's spread by saliva or when an infected person sneezes or coughs and because a child is contagious before he has symptoms, there's often no way to avoid exposure. It could be anywhere and anyone. Just that this felt more draining than when she had flu, i wonder why.

And with all this my mil says that it's cos of the weather, cos she's heaty, etc etc etc that she got it. that's the thing with the older generation..sometimes i feel so frustrated by all her comments. (ie cannot let her cry too much else got wind in her stomach, the food i eat heaty that's why she's heaty and thus get sick...) Ww says let her say, it's the way she is, so i gotta learn the art of ignoring these comments or not take the comments to heart.

Praying Eliza gets well soon, and she'll be happier too.

this was on friday...she was quite lethargic that day, she'll just put her head on my shoulder and stare into space. notice that frown of hers...

On saturday we went over to my mum's place for dinner...still with that cooling sticker and still with that frown on her face.

ok she's not all that sad all the time, occasionally she'll break into her usual happy smile

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