Sunday, July 27, 2008

How to save money on baby stuff

Who can't resist a good deal? For some strange reason, i would note down prices of baby stuff on offer (diapers, baby wipes, shampoo etc etc etc..)

Just for fun, and for me to recall when i have forgotten the price...this is what i usually get and where.
1. Diapers.
How to figure out which diaper is cheap and whether the sale is worth the offer? Count how much it is per piece. I'm amazed that it can go as expensive as $0.40 per piece. I've tried the cheaper ones which are ok...just as long as you don't get the batch that doesn't have the tab that doesn't stick well. you don't want baby's dieapers to drop off! i buy an average $0.25 per piece
diaper for Eliza. when it's cheap stock up!!
2. Wet wipes
This place at People's Park Complex (PPC) called CKKY trading (i think) at the 3rd floor sells my fav Pigeon wet wipes at 3 packs for $9.30. err..cheaper than most places by at least $0.80. not worth going there just to buy it but since my mil & i would periodically go there to buy our toiletries, lotions and household cleaners, it's like mega shopping when we're there.
3. Baby washing detergent
I started buying Kodomo laundry detergent, so I just con't to use it lor. It was $6.50 for the refill pack, which is only $0.40 cheaper than NTUC when it's on offer. not much huh? then again we don't use a lot of it. I think I've used only one refill pack since Eliza was born...and i have 2 more in the store. i think i should stop buying it.
4. Baby bottle washing detergent
We have been using the Pigeon one while Ww's nephews were of course we con't to use the same brand. gosh..sometimes i think brand loyalty is really powerful. The cheapest i've seen so far is at the Isetan sale at 2 refill packs for $17.90, then it's at Kiddy Palace for $18.90. Not worth buying at PPC cos it's $9.90 per pack. This one finishes fast! i've used at least 3 packs since Eliza was born.
5. Baby Shampoo
I haven't started buying anyway, still using the Cradle Cap shampoo we bought from the clinic even though she doesn't have any cradle cap anymore. But i bought the SebaMed one today at $11. no idea how much it is elsewhere...only managed to find a US site selling it for US$10.95. I think this will last very very long.
6. Body Soap
This is one thing i don't scrimp on. For all the savings on other things, it's seems like i save $ on the others to buy this, Mustela Cleansing Cream. I think it's almost $20. I bought lovely nice-smelling Pureen one previously, it was ok initially, but after she was diagnosed with eczema. I started looking for soaps that will be suitable for her skin. Mustela worked well for her, as when i went back to use the other soap, she started showing signs of dry skin. She's a baby...dry skin?! so she's gonna be like mummy...dry skin for life.
Anyway, the dermatologist said that it's hers isn't something that will be cured...but prescribed a cream that worked wonders for her, thank God! but it comes and as long as it doesn't irritate her, it's good.
7. Sun Screen
I thought i really have to use sun screen soon...considering how blazing the sun is, and that i usually go out with her after her lunch which is about 1pm. Plus good to use sun block when we go swimming! So i bought Coppertone Water Babies Sun Block for $13.20. Can't remember how much it is elsewhere. then again i saw this article about buying sunscreens and wonder if i should have bought the Nivea one instead. hmm....

Other non-baby stuff bought today
1. Sunsilk shampoo - $7.90 @ CKKY (elsewhere $9.90)
2. QV body wash, 1 litre - $18.50 @Swanston (elsewhere, i got no idea)
3. Ceptaphil - $13.50 @ CKKY (elsewhere i dunno)

ok i admit it feels good to buy things at a lower price, anytime anyday.

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Kirk said...

You can make your own laundry detergent that is sensitive enough for babies and for the whole family. There isn't any of the perfumes and it is CHEAP!! I have used it for years! For the recipe go to