Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eliza gets well!

It's great to have my curious & playful & chatterbox Eliza back. After almost a week of cutting her milk intake and being completely off solids, and one or two days of a lot of sleeping (which is one of the 'side effect' of Roseola), she's back in action! Somehow, i felt she has changed a little, in a way that she has seemed to have grown up a little bit. I really don't know how to explain it.

It's great, but she's up and about always wanting to grab something. I'm ok with some things but newspapers, remote controls, stationery are some of the many many no-nos in the house. For now the concern is not just that she'll destroy these things, she will eat almost everything she gets her hands on...even those that she doesn't. (ie. eating the table, eating the high chair, and this morning at church, eating the playmat). And she goes at it with such vigor that i really have to put in quite an amount of strength to pry her away from it. honestly, it usually sends me laughing.

i read someone's blog about having a dream garden...ahh..that's nice but gardening is the farthest thing on my mind, even though i do landscape architecture. but i love those gardens English people always maintains...seems like asians don't really do much pretty gardening..or maybe it's just our climate. we can't grow those pretty flowers in our front yard like how the Europeans do. anyway this mummy was writing...
"My ideal garden would be one with a cubby house for my kids to play in while I lounged on our teak furniture and read a book or worked from my laptop on the patio. That way I could keep an eye on the kids while catching up on some reading, emails or blogging at the same time. Now that’s the life!"
how nice! first i have to wish i have a big house....hmm..

this was day 2 of her Roseola outbreak...rashes all over her pretty face and body. she slept till 9am that day...which is not normal..the latest she wakes up is about 815am.

this is actually part of the video we took...but because we found this frame of the video so cute, i just had to save it as a jpeg..don't get me wrong about the pic, she was enjoying it so much i could hear her squealing and laughing from the far end of our house.

today at does take her a while to warm up to church environment...though by the time she warms up she'll be 'singing' away. so her pacifier keeps her least till it drops...but sometimes she'll help us to put it back.

i think she had enough of being in the stroller, being on my lap, so i thought i'll bring her to the cry have some fun! first she cried when i put her down..but after that she was so happy she was singing away. i didn't know it was so loud, she could be heard outside. not too soundproof uh.

Eliza isn't satisfied with just having apple puree...eating that whole apple is more fun! now she makes two teeth marks at the bottom of the apple.... wonder what is she doing...nope, she isn't sleeping. i don't know either. checking out the pram structure??

save the best for the fav photo for this week!!! I have always wanted to capture this but it's not easy...and she usually does it during lunch...Eliza gek-ing sai4. ok...i say it more elegantly...Eliza trying to pass motion. this says it all...

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Ms Long said...

hi, didn't know that eliza was unwell...muz have been tough!

glad that she's well now! :) :)