Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eliza's milk & solids schedule

For a few weeks already, we have more or less stabilized to a predictable milk & solids schedule. Figured out what to feed Eliza, and since she started or porridge, she seemed to love food better.

This is how Eliza's schedule is nowadays
07.30am - ~180ml BM (this timing ranges anytime from 630am-815am...depends on what time she wakes up)
NAP around 1 hr (it really depends on how early or late she wakes up really)
11.00am - ~180ml BM
01.00pm - Lunch (3/4 or almost full small Combi bowl porridge OR 3-4 big milk scoops of brown rice cereal/barley cereal with Heinz Organic veg or boiled veg)
03.30-04.00pm - 180-200ml BM
06.30pm - Dinner
08.30pm - 160-180ml (also called Bedtime milk this one is really erratic, sometimes she'll only drink 100ml but sometimes all 180ml)
11.00pm - 120ml FM

she still drink a lot uh? i'm wondering which milk feed to drop but my mil says if baby drinks milk then let her drink..shouldn't cut her milk intake. i think i'll try to drop that 11am one....and increase her lunch. i did give her a little less ie 150ml and she cried after finishing every drop cos she wanted more! with solids i don't really know how much is enough...

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