Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun times with Eliza

I'm finding Eliza more fun to play with...not that she isn't last's just that she has grown up a lil more...and her joy and laughter is so resounding you just can't help feel happy being around her. and we do find her amusing too...not in a bad way but in an "you're-so-cute-and-i-enjoy-you" kind of way.

- we love to watch Eliza sleep, sometimes she's funny, sometimes she just looks in such a bliss in her sleep, sometimes she looks like she's some superhero or what. too bad i can't take photos at night. sometimes she looks so cute, we'll call everyone to see.
- Eliza sings. honestly i don't feel like it's babble...the sounds go on and on and on. "ahhh...heiheiheihei...ehehhhh..." it crescendos to a peak, comes down again, occasionally she'll go "ahahah" but she hasn't said "mama" or "papa" yet. most she did "mmmm" but that was quite a while ago
- Eliza responds. now she turns her head to her name, Eliza or Zhiling. Sometimes she'll "ay!" back at you.
- Eliza is curious.
honestly sometimes i think she has more curious than other babies...seeking out any exciting new stuff to play and grab and eat..gosh! She's quite a handful because of this curiousity but i secretly love this part of her.
- Eliza is a bundle of energy.
a 15min ride home in the cab (when she's not sleeping) can help me burn as much calories as 15mins of swimming. sometimes i'm so exhausted but all the turning and attempts to grab (so i have to remove her from the point of interest), that getting out of that confined space is such a relief for me. good exercise for mummy yah..
- Eliza is persistent
when she wants something she'll stretch to get it, move herself over to get it, reach out to get it, turn to look behind her to see it. the move herself over to get it is really interesting for her ever since she can try walking with some support from us, we'll carry her on our lap and if she sees something she wants she'll arch her back so that she can get down from our lap, stretch her legs far and wide to attempt to move towards it.
- Eliza chooses her carrier
she'll have mummy & ah-ma anyday. nowadays she's responding much better to daddy cos he plays with her & carries her more often. but with ah-gong....she'll "run" away! ie he's on the left and he'll attempt to carry her (we'll usually clap our hands twice and open out to her for an invitation to carry her..and say "bao4bao4"); and she'll either turn to the right and smile as if it's some play or she'll hop over to the right and try to get away...stretching her legs far and wide again! it's hilarious watching her do that. sometimes she'll ponder for a while as to whether she'll want to change carrier.

I have so much thoughts but so little time to pen them down. Funny thing, now that she's older, i don't spend so much time in the daytime to surf online much, the only time i have is at night after she goes to sleep. even so it's short...with me having to clean bottles, sterilize them, sometimes fold clothes, iron clothes, and recently Ww's been upgrading and downgrading his iphone and i couldn't use the MacBook as a result of all the sync-ing. (argh...and cos of that this afternoon's photos are lost!! :6 bleah)

All in all it's really a joy to see her grow.

i give you my "eeee" smile!

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