Sunday, August 10, 2008

Buying clothes for Eliza

Buying clothes for Eliza is easier than buying clothes for myself.
I need to do some shopping. Ww's saying i keep wearing the same clothes....geez. I should do a little personal shopping soon...AND stop trying to buy more clothes for Eliza. there's a few dresses waiting to be worn...waiting because it's still too big for her. Ww's colleague is going to pass Eliza some clothes so more new clothes! :) and i should stop trying to look at the BP in the forums..makes me want to get more clothes for her. as it is...her clothes drawers are already quite full and she has some dresses hung where daddy's shirts are hung, Ww 'complains' on why it is taking up his clothes space.

On Miffy...
Ww mentioned that he saw Eliza 'scratching' miffy's belly button yesterday. i didn't know miffy has a belly button...maybe i'll check it out later.

On scratching with her pointer finger...
baby's fingers are always oh so cute! and i love watching her check out her toys or new things with her pointer finger...she'll use this tiny finger of hers to 'scratch' the object with quite some interest. it's really interesting to see how our babies start to explore their world. and Eliza seems to have this "hmm...let's check it out..what is this?..." look on her face when she does it.

On today...
came home after lunch potter around preparing purees and we had a nice long nap from 315-5pm. i sense that she sleeps much better with me beside her...and i secretly love co-sleeping with her...both of us sleep much much better. although i'm not sure if it's the same for daddy cos she'll love to sleep in the direction adjacent to us such that he legs will be on daddy's side, or she'll love to roll over to his side. the next time we buy a bed we should get a king sized one!! anyway it's lovely to wake up with her even though she's my alarm clock. her bio-clock wakes her up any time from 7-8am. geez so no waking up late for a long long time. but it's really nice to wake up with her and see her look inquisitively at me. sometimes i open my eyes to see her watching me...or trying to wake me up. she must be wondering why mummy's such a sleepyhead!

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