Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sleep issues?

Not really, Eliza's a ok sleeper. Just that it's so fun to play all the time sleep doesn't always come as top priority for her. Even when she's sleepy, and if i bring her out (cos we gotta go out during her nap time), she'll be so excited it keeps her awake.

That's what we did over the weekend. On saturday we took an evening walk to Bedok Reservoir and back instead of the boring shopping centres. We used her ol' stroller cos it could recline all the way, in case she slept on the way there (which i was hoping she would). Nah...fat hope. She was a happy gai-gai baby, sitting straight up and holding on to the stroller bar. On the way there she realized she could turn to look behind her and see us! so she was laughing away, turning to look at us and trying to reach for the embroidered cartoon on the stroller. It was great and after all the fun and views she fell asleep on our walk back. I was hoping she would continue sleeping when we reached home at 8pm but she woke up the moment i carried her, and stepped into the our house, plus cheerful greetings from her grandparents...and she's raring to go again! she slept at 10pm.

On sunday, we had dinner at TM and by the time we came home at about 745pm, she dozed off...albeit it was only 10mins. It was such a power nap she slept at 1030pm. Note that she woke up from her previous nap at about 3 or 4pm.

Oh well, with all the lack of sleep she has, i feel...she needed to sleep more. one of the days she only took two 1/2hr naps in the day. hmm...but she's putting it back again...she slept early yesterday, slept late this morning and has been sleeping for 1hr for her morning nap. (that's why i'm here blogging..while the washing machine is spinning, her lunch is cooking...and i'm thinking that i have to wash our bathroom later..)

Funny how i get particular with her sleep sometimes. I've taken it more lightly already and understand that babies, like us have our own sleep patterns. After all sometimes we sleep more, sometimes less.

Sleep arrangements
Eliza sleeps on her cot in the day time while at home. but at night, putting in her cot means she starts to crawl around, climb up and wants me to carry her. moreover, the cot aka playpen is lower now and it's tiring patting her to zz when she's on the other side of the cot. note: she rolls all over the place, this is what happens when your baby can move! so i carry her and sing to her. but not always, as she will decided that something elsewhere is interesting and will try to move herself to that direction, or she will pull out her pacifier, swing it all around, and eventually throw it on the floor, after which she'll be peering out to look for it with mummy. oh my cheeky gal!
if carrying doesn't work, i'll put her on my bed, let her roll around, and if she's tired enough, she'll doze off. i'll move her to her cot when she has her 10pm milk. (we skipped her before bedtime milk cos she obviously isn't hungry enough then).
somewhere in the middle of the night she'll wake me sufficiently enough for me to decide that i have to bring her to our bed so i can have a better sleep. this early morning she was at the side of the bed, looking at me and calling out to me, or was she crying?, i can't remember. SO ever since i dunno when...she has been waking up in our bed in the morning.

While we wonder how will we be able to wean her off our bed, we are enjoying this sleeping together thing, even Ww. He finds her so cute when she goes over to his side to touch his face, scratch him, or put her leg on him. after all don't we like to sleep with the people we love?

This is the reason why i've been having relatively good night sleep nowadays.

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