Saturday, August 23, 2008

Days of Eliza

Went for lunch with my dad & sis...and a little bit of shopping after that. For once we decided to try the Beco, back carrying position...Eliza's like a lil koala bear...but we decided the front carry one is better as we can see her, but it was a fun try.

Lunch at Cartel after church...usually Eliza sleeps before lunches like this and is cranky before this particular nap, as it is, but people who love coming to talk to her after church. I don't mind but too bad Eliza does. I like this photo. :)

Lunch after church last sunday, this time a Bedok Botak Jones. this was more challenging as Eliza was not due for her lunch yet and i had to keep her entertained. here's Eliza...bored.

Fun toy at church cry room...actually after sitting on it for 1min, she was trying to get out of it, not in an unhappy way but her legs just wanted to go somewhere else.

Last Saturday, before we went to a wedding..i wanted to take a pic before we go...but Eliza was busy eating the strap of the Beco, wondering why mummy & daddy must take photos, AGAIN.

The same saturday, we went for a walk to Bedok reservoir...i can tell Eliza enjoyed it. here's Eliza checking me out. she likes to put her hand on our cheeks, mouth, nose...and touch or occasionally scratch us.

Love this pic of Eliza. Out of the many many photos i tried to take this is one of the clearer ones. Her photos are always characterized by blurness as she keeps moving and jumping in joy. so i happily snap away...and daddy was on the way to break into a bigger smile.

Home activites
While we're not out...there are also many things to do at home....

This rented exersaucer has been a lifesaver for all of us as we could safely put Eliza in, and leave her to play while we can do chores or eat dinner. She has been enjoying it for 3-4 months already and she has her own ways of having fun while she's of it is throwing her toys and 'eh'-ing us to pick it up for her.

Recently, my mil pulled out Eliza's cousin's walker from the storeroom. the first time she was on it, she was super this:

I realized that a good playground for Eliza is the floor! Now that she crawls, or more like slithers, she's more confident on moving about on the floor, which explains why she has lost interest in sitting in the exersaucer.
Caught her trying to get out of the room!

Just a week ago, the Bumper mat i got from the BP arrived! it's been a long time and i have put off getting it for a long time as well. It cost $119 which is one of the cheaper ones available. I just needed a space Eliza can be in other than the mattress in the room. At least when she's on this, i'm not too worried if she decides to crawl off the mattress, or if she falls backwards from a sitting position.
This is Eliza testing out the new playmat when it came...what else...taste it lah!

Somehow her cot aka playpen is the safest place around...she can kneel in it and yet it isn't high enough for her to topple this:

we've propped mattress below so that it's not too low, we'll break our backs trying to pat her to sleep if it's so low. the only problem is that the mattresses below are not as large as the playpen and so there's a gap between the top mattress and the side of the playpen. we've stuffed her bumper mat (from her old smaller cot which we don't use anymore) but it is still somewhat a bit of a gap. it's not so bad, as you can see the photo above...
the only problem comes when she sleeps. she'll roll all over her playpen and obviously roll towards the gap and sink in slightly. sometimes she'll sink in more and 'fall' into the gap. that was what happened last night. i couldn't find her in the middle of the playpen, only to find her crying for help at the gap cos she has rolled into it.

ahhh...playpen is a good place for me to read to her and show her flashcards. usually after that i'll leave her to her own devices with the book...

many times i just run out of approved toys to play with, even everyday stuff like this stool beside her playpen...and she gets quite a kick out of playing with it, as you can see...

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