Sunday, August 24, 2008


They say your life changes with the arrival of a new baby. Everyone knows that. All mums live that change. I would personally feel that it doesn't change as much for dads as it is for mums. Somehow, as mums, you're always thinking of your child. (more than in the initial stages of a r/s when girl and boy meets). While we work, our minds and hearts is with our baby/child. That overflowing love is so natural.

Life has changed so much and it has so revolved around Eliza. Our schedules and plans are made with Eliza in mind. I can count the number of times i'm out shopping on my own. (although i can't remember how many times i've been out shopping with Eliza)

there are times i wish i have more freedom like i used to, to stay up late outside, to go out as and when i want. i don't do much of that anymore...and if i do, it's much calculated as i don't really want to burden my mil to take care of Eliza at night. just last friday Ww & I went out for dinner on our own. now she knows we have gone out without her and slept later than her usual bedt

Lost Some Memory I think I've lost some memory since Miranda was born I don't remember sleeping late on a lazy Sunday morn I don't remember quiet dinners with candlelight and wine. Or getting up and ready for work and making it there on time. I don't remember summer days just lounging on the beach And those memories of "girls' night out" are somehow out of reach. I don't remember long warm baths with bubbles and a good book Or my favorite TV program or a movie worth a look. I can't remember all those things I spent time on yesterday And I can't remember life being any other way. And as I lay her down at night and kiss this little girl I can't remember so much happiness, such love and joy in my world. (c) 1997 Juli All Rights Reserved

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