Thursday, September 11, 2008

My hilarous lil girl

it's been about 9 months plus and there's so much change we see in Eliza. there's also so much i feel that she's been learning. no longer is she a helpless little baby, but she's becoming her.

She's so funny really, she makes us giggle and she giggles so we giggle with her.

Recently she is...
- clapping her hands. well...she doesn't exactly aim palm to plam very accurately but one hand will be 'clapping' the other hand's wrist.
- really eager to go out. not that she wasn't to start with today, i've changed, packed my bag with her, she saw my mil & fil changed into 'outing' clothes she knew we were going gai-gai. we planned to feed her before going out but she just didn't have the heart to finish her milk, she'll drink and stop and drink and stop. when my fil finally carried her out of the house, the moment he stepped out, she gave a shout of delight. no, not a squeal, a shout! really, so funny to hear her excitement.
- very mobile. she tries to cruise around the sofa, coffee tables, climb up and down the study room low coffee table, crawl up and down the mattress which she has amazing mastered the art of going down legs first, finally knew how to get down our bed legs first as well.
- still taking things out of containers. like this toy bus which goes by the theme of "The Wheels of the bus go round and round...", she'll take out the four 'passengers' from the bus..all the time she sees them

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