Friday, September 12, 2008


We had a busy weekend last two weekends...and one of them was the Nov mummies gathering! it was fun meeting up with mums whom we 'chat' online, and their babies. Too bad Ww couldn't join us, else maybe i might have eaten more while he carries Eliza..hehehe, the food was so yummy! heh..greedy me. Eliza was at her usual "mummy-don't-go-out-of-sight-or-i-will-freak-out" moods so she was quite niam2 to me.

Here some of the photos taken by one of the mum's hubby, which were really cool.

Eliza makes faces...

and more faces...

ay..ok i'm done with making faces...


all mummies! was a lil hard to get everyone in, and also some babies were napping. wonder what it will be like if we could have those magazine cover kinda photo shoot of all the babies, napping and will be quite a nice mess. but it will be cool too..maybe on their bday bash?

Just last saturday during our leaders' cell.
Eliza joins in after napping through half the cell, and after some rough and tumble on the sofa, mummy gives her an apple to play with. It entertains her all the way till her dinner time. By then she has mangaed to eat through the skin and was happily enjoying the sweetness of the apple.

One sunday at my mum's place.
Eliza checking out my piano. i've been thinking of the bringing it over to our place but the cost is just stopping me. it's not cheap to move a piano from house to house!

budding pianist?

So you think i can play?

Last saturday at Ww's colleague's housewarming
It was a really beautiful home, done up really like a condo showflat. Amazing. This is the day bed which is the focus of the front doorway.

Eliza checks the daybed out...

and returns to look for mummy again.

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