Thursday, September 25, 2008

On the road to recovery

Eliza's getting better, thank God. She still coughs a bit sometimes...and it's a little heart wrenching to hear her cough halfway through her sleep.

One good thing out of this coughing week is that she has taken to drinking more water. Maybe it's because her throat felt dry and water soothes her throat. She also figured out how to drink from the Nuk Sippy cup, though she isn't too keen on it these few days..or more like my mil doesn't let her try it. I'm still trying to get her to drink from a straw, which doesn't work with her MagMag cup. She did drink green tea when we were at Ww's grandparents house. His aunt let her try the drink from the straw..(ie let it drip from the straw) and then let her try sucking it up from the packet. It was successful! but Ww stopped it quickly cos the drink is so full of sugar..and erm..can babies drink tea? My SIL was saying that she got her 3 sons to learn to drink from the straw using Yakult. so...the sweet drink trick works ah?

One new thing:
Eliza learned a new method of rejecting medicine. Long ago when she had to take medicine, she responded by crying, and we could get her to swallow the meds. After a few times she realized that when she cries, her mouth opens, so she learnt to close her mouth so that we can't get the medicine in. Now...she doesn't swallow the medicine and she tries to cough/spit it out. It's a battle at medicine time, but we found her really smart/cute with her reactions to taking medicines.

3 days of work and i miss Eliza. the past 3 days, Eliza will wake up with me when my alarm rings, also because it let it snooze, so it rings at least 3 times from 7-730am. Sometimes i can't find my hp and the music wakes her up. oh much for letting her sleep in. once she finds me awake, she'll join in the welcoming of the day.
gotta work this friday too, which is extra income la..but for some strange reason, i feel like i'm gonna miss her loads. especially when it has been difficult leaving the house without her crying. I think it's more of a how-come-you-go-out-and-don't-bring-me-along cry as my little gal has become the Flower-leg queen.

Days of Eliza:
We went to Jumbo to meet my parents old friends from Ireland. tadaaa...and we were at Raffles Place...gosh feel like i haven't been there for ages.

Family photo...

little giant in the CBD...(Eliza's looking at the birds)

Walked past Central where there were these 'lanterns' on display...found the Pig one!

On satruday, we went out with the boys (aka Eliza's cousins) to Hort park. We left quite late as Eliza and me took a long nap in the afternoon and didn't wake up till 430pm. The weather was perfect, probably it was cos it was in the late afternoon to evening time. Wish we could hang around longer, but the sun went down really fast...told Ww we must drop by there one day for a walk through all the parks there.

The boys were trying to walk the maze....

On sunday they dropped by again, after their swimming lessons. This time it's just play at home.

Eliza's trying to see what Cousin Augustine is doing...

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